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Thursday, December 19, 2013

LEGO® Car Powered By 256 Plastic Pistons!

12.19.2013 – Imagine if there’s actually a full size car made out of LEGO® bricks. Actually there was one that went viral online that has 256 working pistons built from 500,00 plus LEGO® parts with the exception of the tires.

The air powered LEGO® car was a dream turned into a reality by a man from Melbourne sent a cryptic tweet inviting 20 investors to fund the project worth $500 to $1,000 dollars.

There was more than enough who came and supported about forty people that funded this interesting project. The next thing they did is bought half a million pieces of LEGO® and shipped it to Romania. Turns out Raul Oaida who is based in Romania who built the full size air powered LEGO® machine.

Steve Sammartino who is based in Melbourne, Australia was the one who had tweeted that invitation looking for startup investors to fund the project. The car runs entirely of compressed air from the 256 pistons made out of LEGO® elements as part of the four working engines that Oaida had built.

The hot rod looking LEGO® car travels at 20 miles per hour not enough power to burn rubber but will certainly catch immediate attention. Dubbed the “Super Awesome Micro Project” has garnered a lot of attention for something made out of LEGO®.

There has been full size LEGO® cars made but none of them actually work until Sammartino and Oaida teamed up and built this machine.

For more about this cool classic air powered LEGO® car LIKE Super Awesome Micro Project on Facebook and visit the official site at:

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