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Thursday, December 12, 2013

LEGO® Star Wars Darth Vader Watch!

12.12.2013 – For every hero there’s a villain and in Star Wars you got Darth Vader. The character doesn’t need any introduction. The popular Sith Lord formerly known as Anakin Skywalker has been popular to have his own LEGO® Star Wars Watch.

LEGO® ClicTime watches expand into the realm of Star Wars and no fan would ever pass this up in having Darth Vader tell their time to fire the Death Star.

The LEGO® Star Wars Darth Vader watch is one of many themed collectibles. You connect and build it yourself out of the 34 pieces included. The watchband tailored to Darth Vader’s colors in black, red and grey that you can build any pattern you want which is also interchangeable with other LEGO® ClicTime Star Wars themed watches.

This also includes the stud bezel where you can attach Darth Vader to remind you that it’s time to attack the pesky rebels. Darth Vader himself comes in separate pieces upon unboxing the little guy you put him together which includes his trademark red lightsaber.

The watch face features a menacing image of Darth Vader on a Star Wars background. This LEGO® ClicTime watch is waterproof which is tested to ISO standard 2281 to a static depth of 50m. But Darth Vader can’t breathe underwater which means only Gungans and Jar Jar Binks can just like this watch.

Just like the other LEGO® ClicTime watch themed Star Wars, the face measures 1" (2.5cm) wide. The watchband pieces can be swap with the ones that came with the Luke Skywalker minifigure.

Overall the LEGO® Star Wars watch featuring Darth Vader is a hard to find collectible if you’re looking for one in the Philippines. This version was released in 2011 based on the copyright year and the difference with this packaging. The previous and current ones are packed in a smaller box but still having the same content including the manual.

The LEGO® minifigure is the same Star Wars character that you’ll find in the standard sets. This LEGO® Star Wars watch was acquired in the US during the clearance sale hence the price tag in the packaging.

This is currently available at LEGO®.com with a retail of $24.99 US dollars. For more details visit the site on how to purchase it online.

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