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Friday, January 24, 2014

K'Nex Preview: The Family Guy!

01.24.2014 – If LEGO® has the Simpsons family may be you haven’t heard that K’Nex has the cast of Family Guy. For those who haven’t heard about K’Nex they have been around as a company making non-brick related construction toys.

But when the right for the brick trademark expired everyone started to produce their own version of the inter-locking bricks, which gave birth to LEGO® clones that can be compatible with the pioneering brand.

A few weeks ago LEGO® debut their first ever set for the Simpsons which features the iconic house. Recently K’Nex launched The Family Guy which is now started showing up on retail with a set of minifigures and smaller buildable sets based from the hit TV show created by Seth MacFarlane.

The Family Guy sets are composed of the cast divided into two packs of minifigure and two sets based from the show, which features an alternate version of Stewie and his detailed time machine and Peter in his office attire with his trademark red-colored station wagon car.

The construction and design of the K-Nex minifigures are lot bigger and bulkier with additional joints. If you haven’t seen heard about K’Nex produced the characters for the Super Mario Kart Wii game, which also released an entire line of vehicles and sets.

But mostly K’Nex is focused to release the minifigures primarily without spending too much on getting the sets as that’s how they market their licensed brands.

K’Nex has released the entire Griffin family composed of Peter, Chris, Lois, Stewie, Brian, and Meg as the first wave of characters from the show. No news if K’Nex will be importing these any time soon, but expect same price point with the Super Mario Kart Wii sets and there are no blind packs released.

The Family Guy minifigure 2-pack set is retailed at $10.00 US dollars, while the buildable sets goes for $20.00 US dollars. They are now available in the US stores and online auction sites.

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