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Saturday, January 25, 2014

LEGO® Star Wars MicroFighters!

01.25.2014 – If you are a huge Star Wars fan chances are you have owned some sets released by LEGO®.

Probably by now you are aware about the mini-sets known as the Star Wars Micro Fighters available at retail. For those who just wants the little things the sets could be interesting for you to get.

As the theme called “Micro Fighters” the sets are under-scaled versions of the vehicles that some of the characters used in the series like Han Solo for example with his small version of the Millennium Falcon.

If you can’t afford the Millennium Falcon that LEGO® released tears ago this could be the only way you can get Han Solo. Of course the small version doesn’t carry two minifigures and Chewbacca is not included. But you got the hot shot pilot in Han Solo so you’ll know who will shoot first.

But to race against an Imperial Guard who pilots a Star Detroyer, that could be something wickedly funny as the race in Bantha reveals this cool set of Micro Fighters…

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