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Thursday, January 9, 2014

LEGO® Preview: The Simpsons House!

01.09.2014 – LEGO® has finally revealed the set for The Simpsons series and what a way to start the year with its iconic house that includes the first family and their neighbor Ned Flanders. Many long time viewers of the show have been anticipating this set.

The box itself which was revealed in the Eurobricks forum by Carlo S contains 2523 pieces. This is not going to be an affordable set having enough details packed in this set is like getting the Death Star only this time it’s a suburban home that contains the family, and their friendly neighbor that Homer torments whenever he can.

It is a small town in Adelaide Hills region of South Australia, which was LEGO® uploaded a lot of images related to the upcoming set but we’re breaking down the details focusing on the house itself. There are so many possibilities and elements packed in this huge set that everyone is expecting to get.

The Simpsons has been around since 1989 and they are continue to bring a new season and LEGO® just made them even more popular by releasing a new line dedicated to the inhabitants of Springfield. The images below reveals the exterior and some shots of the house including what figures included…

The overhead shot reveal layers of The Simpsons House which divides into rooms of each character. The details where truthful enough what you see in the series and the designers put great passion turning your beloved Simpsons Family into LEGO® wasn’t a walk in the park. There are new elements in there that you’ll see and this is worth owning one for being the iconic part of the show.

Of course the characters make up what the show is but the house is the first you see in the opening credits and that car that homer drives. It’s like the Teenage Mutant Turtles have their nifty gadgets while The Simpsons have their humble abode.

The Simpsons House 71006 has 2523 pieces which includes six minifigures is coming out sometime in February 2014.

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