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Monday, January 27, 2014

LEGO® The Simpsons House Close Up!

01.27.2014 – LEGO® will be releasing the Simpsons House in February, but VIPs of LEGO® Shop was given an early chance to acquire this unique set. It was retailed at $199.00 while in Canada this goes for $299.00 dollars which is VERY expensive.

But eventually the new line of Simpsons will be out next month and expect a huge following for this. There have been a few people who recently acquired this in the Philippines and one of them was probably THE FIRST to own a set of the iconic house.

There’s actually one that is currently displayed at the Secret Fresh Gallery, which based on reports that it took six hours to build. Currently the house on display shows the inner details of what you expect inside the Simpsons household, which has already been shown and reviewed online.

LEGO® already has revealed those details a few weeks earlier along with the exterior of the house including the minifigures that came with it.


Here is a close up look of the minifigure on display that you’ll be getting if you plan to save up and acquire this when it comes out next month. It was a fun build as claimed by the owner of this set and you’ll find out the other details.

For now check out the minifigures and some of the accessories that came with the set that boasted 2523 pieces…


Though the lighting was not good to give you the overall look of the actual LEGO® set on display you already have seen it several times. But seeing it in person would greatly appreciate your interest wanting to own one for yourself.

The house was built at the gallery for six hours and it must be fun to be in that situation opening more than 10 bags of pieces in that very attractive box.

This must be a challenge for one person, but with so many hands going through the sets it might take more time or depends on who’s putting it together. But either way you’ll enjoy building it with friends as how this turned out…


If you haven’t got one for you and it will be a month that this comes out maybe you should drop by and check out the set at Secret Fresh Gallery located in Ronac Center along Ortigas Avenue.

The set was acquired through Big Boys Toy Stores, who are taking Pre-Orders for those interested. For more details LIKE Big Boys Store on Facebook!

Special acknowledgement to Secret Fresh where you also LIKE the Facebook page for giving you the sneak peek of this set!

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