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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

MEGA® BLOKS Call of Duty Sightings!

02.05.2014 – Call of Duty is a popular first person and third person videogame shooting franchise. It was first released for the PC and then followed to game consoles and handheld games. There were several spin-offs expanding the franchise to what is now one of the well-known shooting games in this era.

The popularity of this game which was produced by Activision expands to merchandise like action figures, card games and of course construction toys manufactured by Mega Brands Inc., which is the parent company that produces MEGA BLOKS.

There actually 16 sets based on the Call of Duty game that was released, and just like the Halo franchise that MEGA BLOKS also produced it will continue to expand the line. Rarely will you ever hear about the Canadian-based MEGA BLOKS due to the immense popularity of the pioneer product from Denmark.

But if you haven’t heard aside from HALO, World of Warcraft, Barbie, Hello Kitty, Smurfs, and Hot Wheels to name a few popular licenses they also have Call of Duty which is also gaining quite an attention based from the shooting game.

You’ll immediately spot the Call of Duty sets from a far with its sets using some outdoor backgrounds rather than the rarely used digital setting. The smallest set is retailed at PhP 800.00 pesos while the largest is almost at PhP 5,000.00 pesos. The minifigures not only includes characters from the game they also have the zombie sets, that you might want to look at for those who religiously follow The Walking Dead on television.

The sets currently available locally are 6826 Zombie Horde, 6815 RIB Beach Assault, 6816 Chopper Strike, 6817 Light Armor Firebase, 6818 Dome Battleground, 6822 Heavy Armor Outpost, 6812 Mountain Recon, 6813 Drone Attack, and 6825 Desert Troopers.

There are sets not available in the particular place these where sighted that may be available in some areas and they are 6820 Coastal Intercept, 6829 Landing Craft Invasion, 6828 Zombies Tranzit Farm, 6824 Seal Team, 6823 Alpine Rangers, 6819 Turret Attack, and 6827 Half Track Ambush.

MEGA BLOKS Call of Duty is sold at major toy stores and department stores in the Philippines nationwide. This is distributed by Richwell Prime and for pricing inquiries LIKE Richwell Club on Facebook!

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