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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

TV Guide Reveals LEGO® the Simpsons Cover!

04.16.2014 – For those who grew up playing with LEGO® and watching the longest running sitcom in the Simpsons its something fans dream about. Some of you might have already got that dream with the release of a set in February of this year.

Then the latest Collectible Minifigure Series just released the 12th series featuring a few natives from Springfield and a new set of the Simpsons family to expand the line.

There will be something more exciting to find out that TV Guide just revealed what they look like in the upcoming 550th episode airing on May 4, 2014. This episode is not just the whole community featured as LEGO® versions of the show. Its going to be spectacular and the fans couldn’t be delighted to see this.

The premise for this special focus on Homer J. Simpson, who has to choose between living in an idyllic LEGO® universe or the real world seems like a different take how The LEGO® Movie was portrayed in the big screen.

It will be titled ‘Brick Like Me’ a touchy way to the name the upcoming episode that’s actually expensive to make. Its going be less of the usual Simpsons episode for the older crowd, but it will be a family-friendly show when it airs next month. There are several key points but we’re not going to spoil everyone until it goes on air.

For now if you’re in the US aching to read all about TV Guide’s latest issue featuring the Simpsons in their LEGO® appearance pick up the magazine on sale on April 17th!

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