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Friday, April 4, 2014

Closer Look: The LEGO® Movie's Benny!

04.04.2014 – The LEGO® Movie has some interesting characters and among the quirky ones they became memorable for their role in the hit animated film. You have Emmet, Wyldstyle, or even Batman leading the cast but none of them is crazy as Benny.

The spaceman from 1980s has positioned to be a favorite reviving interest in LEGO®. For his entire obsession in building a spaceship he sure is taking his addiction to the next level in the building sets.

Voiced by Charlie Day (Horrible Bosses, Pacific Rim), this blue spaceman with a cracked helmet is quite an interesting character. If you’ve seen him in action in The LEGO® Movie you already have an idea.

For those who just started getting into LEGO® you won’t find him presently other than as part of The LEGO® Movie sets and minifigures. Benny for all his rising popularity he’s not included in the latest Collectible Minifigure Series, however he is included in the upcoming Sea Cow set featuring a scaled down MetalBeard, a variant of Uni-Kitty who appears to be sea sick, Emmet, and Wyldstyle.

There were already photos circulating of a set that would feature Benny and his spaceship. But for those wonder why we have Benny without any of those set is because he can also be acquired in the pick-a-brick section of LEGO® site.

Last month The LEGO® Movie’s Benny has reached Philippine shores through a contact based in the US who have sent a care package in giving you a closer look at the famed spaceman. Like any minifigure based from the 1980s Space set LEGO® has diligently put details on Benny to appear having been a worn out character from that particular era. The details of the cracked helmet (which is glued unevenly) down to the fading iconic Space logo makes Benny a unique character on its own.

Besides his standard happy smiling face he has a secondary face based from the original LEGO® spaceman where most of the minifigures has that generic expression. Benny himself appears to be a nostalgic character that supposed to be from that particular series.

Exploring uncharted worlds alongside the other space related minifigures his undated appearance for this generation seems appropriate to be the grand daddy for these LEGO® themed sets.

You’ll want to find your own Benny minifigure, but surely LEGO® has all figured out where he’ll be available. For now the only way you can acquire him is through the pick-a-brick section on LEGO® m if you can’t afford getting the Sea Cow that includes almost the entire cast of film.

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