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Monday, July 21, 2014

LEGO® Design: UCS 76023 The Tumbler!

07.21.2014 – The news about the Ultimate Collectors Series latest release is the Tumbler from the Dark Knight Trilogy that Christopher Nolan has directed.

The most popular Batmobile featured in the films gets a UCS edition complete with an exclusive Heath Ledger version of The Joker.

If you’re a fan getting to celebrate 75 years of Batman this might be the LEGO set that you’ve been all waiting for. Yes there are other Batman related collectibles out there, but to own a LEGO Tumbler in the UCS release would probably add one interesting item to your collection.

Batman Day is just a few days away and its will be celebrated in the Philippines on July 26, 2014 instead of July 23rd (the release of Detective Comics #27), where The Batman first appeared in comic books exactly 75 years ago. The UCS Tumbler adds to the Dark Knight’s legendary arsenal first appearing in Batman Begins back in 2005.

It’s not exactly a car or the traditional Batmobile, but something that Christopher Nolan and his brother started conceptualizing in his garage when they were developing it for Batman Begins.

Adam who is the lead designer for this project in LEGO took him almost four month to build and put together this beast that you first saw announced in USA Today. But for more details check out the official video from LEGO as he explains the intricate designs and concept in putting this together…

Ultimate Collection Series Edition: The Tumbler will be released sometime in September 2014.

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