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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

KRE-O ® TF AoE Series 1: Nightbeat!

09.01.2015 - Kre-O’s Micro Changers have entered its last waves which is under the “Transformers: Age of Extinction” banner though not entirely tied-up with the said film. But it shows how the series has evolved from just a micro figure with Kreons.

The second to the last wave represented as Series 1 under the ‘Age of Extinction’ line with random characters from obscure to the familiar ones you’ve seen in action figure. But there are old characters too like this Headmaster named Nightbeat!

The ‘Age of Extinction’ series of Micro Changers were released in 2014 that carries a barcode to find out what you’re missing from the twelve micro figures. Nightbeat is part of the Series 1 under that particular wave along with a few familiar Headmasters that had action figure form.

But there are other obscure characters that were unfamiliar and introduced in Kre-O. The line-up is not as impressive as the four previous waves that featured familiar characters based from the classic Generation 1 cartoons or comic books.

Kreon Nightbeat

Originally Nightbeat is an Autobot Headmaster and his specialty is private investigation since his binary bonded partner is a detective in his planet. In Kreon form Nightbeat is not a Headmaster, but Hasbro and Oxford Toys was close enough to nail down his appearance.

The robot mode doesn’t matches is original teal color like the classic figure from 1988 of the Generations Deluxe Class figure released for 2014. The body has a darker shade of blue and he’s using the same helmet that he shares with Sideswipe.

In vehicle mode the appearance is generic just like the previous waves that came out before Nightbeat who has the same transformation. But its good enough to resemble what his alternate mode looks like. But if you’re wondering what he actually turns into he’s card mode is based from a Porsche 959 with flame decals on both side.

Don’t Let the Pieces Out

Just like the first Kreons that where presented in the Preview Series, Nightbeat has extra parts in robot mode and has less when in vehicle mode. He carries the same blaster like most Micro Changers in translucent blue and has the signature Kre-O block for a stand. The packaging by the way is for UK released due to the multi-language that is printed in the bag.

When in his robot mode the excess parts are the two wheels a 1x1 piece, which replaces his head in vehicle mode that becomes the hood of the car and the translucent window piece. The clutch power on the pieces is so tight you need a brick remover to pull them out and the quality of the plastic is great.

Nightbeat has been one of those third-tier characters hardly people would remember since the third season was about to be cancelled in 1987 even before the actual toy came out. But for those who have known Nightbeat should definitely get this if you’re unfamiliar with the rest of the wave of Micro changes from the ‘Age of Extinction’ Series 1 currently on clearance at $1.00 US (PhP 50.00 pesos) each.

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