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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

LEGO® Mixels™: 41500 Flain!

09.02.2015 - Mixels™ are small creatures that can mix and combine with one another in unpredictable storylines based on the animated shorts aired on Cartoon Network. They were first released the theme sets a month after the animation was shown.

Each set comes with one buildable figure, while some of them are packed with a Nixels opponent. Currently on its sixth series but a few doesn’t have any idea what are these Mixels™, and to give you an idea here’s one from an Infernites tribe….

There’s not much info about the Mixels™ if you’re randomly into LEGO®, but most stores won’t give you an idea what they really until you open a pack. Basically they are creatures and each one is part of a tribe. For example the Infernites are fire-based tribe while the Electroids are electricity-based creatures.

Each Mixels™ is unique on its own and they can ‘mix it up’ with another tribe that would definitely challenge your creativity to combine two or even three of them. There hasn’t much following but you’ll know once your hooked things get bigger having these little guys as one of your themed sets.

LEGO® even has produced game apps based from the Mixels™ animation shorts that have been appearing on Cartoon Network. The colourful creatures continue to expand, but if you haven’t started on Mixels™ it’s hard to track down, which one was first introduced. So far here’s one from the Infernites that’s give you an idea.

Flain is Flamed-On

He was originally released as part of the first three series of Mixels™ that where introduced in February 2014. Flain’s set number is 41500 and a member of the Infernites and in fact he’s actually the leader of the group.

Before you put together the leader of this flame-based tribe he comes in 58 pieces with most primary color is red of different tones from light to dark. When put Flain together you’ll definitely see this Mixels™ take shape. When once you put Flain together this adventurous leader is ready for another quest.

This by far an interesting set which features intricate details what makes a Mixels™. Flain has realistic elements and poseable joints. If you’re aiming to focus one tribe the Infernites have Flain and can combine with 41504 SEISMO from the Cragster tribe. If you’re wondering how big is Flain this Mixels™ only stands at 4” (10cm) tall.

Diminutive Hot-Head

Besides the 58 pieces this comes with the usual instruction manual, but if you’re looking for alternate building instructions have all the details for you to mix and match other LEGO® Mixels™ sets or combine all three Infernites.

This was a fun and quick build for any minimalist out there who has seen the Mixels™ short or a good way to introduce the show to kids in getting them into these too. Flain maybe small but the level of detail in making the designs for this character certainly translated to something cool like the LEGO® Mixels™.

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