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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

KRE-O ® TF MCC: Devastator!

09.29.2015 – For any Transformers fan out there who grew up in the 1980s everyone knows the biggest baddest Decepticon out there is a combiner. If you’ve been reading the comic books lately the Generation One series based on the classic is simply a hit.

The current theme for Hasbro toys is the ‘Combiner Wars’ series, which is told in the IDW published comic books. KRE-O had several of these prior to ‘Combiner Wars’ and right now they’re a must-have who can’t afford a Titan Class Devastator.

For the minimalists or who can’t afford the toys, but into building or construction toys who are currently following the stories of the ‘Combiner Wars’ might be excited for combining Transformers. But to those newbies who just found the interest lately it’s a bit too late to find these Micro Changer Combiners from KRE-O since they released these sets sometime between 2012 and 2013.

But if you’re a toy hunter and feeling the optimism in still finding older KRE-O sets chances are you’re still finding a goldmine. Lately the out-of-stock Devastator set from the Micro Changer Combiners have been appearing of late still on clearance. You can also see some of the first waves that also include Superion (Aerialbots), Bruticus (Combaticons), and Predaking (Predacons).

Box of Tiny Decepticons

The Micro Changers Combiners comes in a small weird shaped box that seemed less spectacular to get the ‘feel’ that you’re getting a combining minifigure set. Its interesting how uniformed this line of Micro Changers not bagged but comes in a box.

You get to unbox these little Constructicons divided in small bags with a booklet-type instruction manual that appears like you’re building a big set. The quality Oxford Toys has put on their product for Hasbro is good enough for you to pick up a set.

Building Constructicons

In Kreon form Devatator is composed of four minifigures not six, but the other two members can be found in the Micro Changers blind bags in Series 1 and 2, which by now can only be acquired through 3rd party market as the current wave of blind bags are now are in line with the 2014 Transformers Age of Extinction film (also on clearance since the start of 2015).

The Constructicons compose of Bone Crusher, Mixmaster, Scavenger and Scrapper. Two are missing from the roster namely Hook and Long Haul. But both can be found in the blind bags just don’t expect them to combined with the other four. But the four Constructicons are enough to form a Kreon version of Devastator to give the Autobots a little headache while you try to figure out how to get the two in the group.

Devastating Kreon

The minifigures not combined can still be re-built into their vehicle forms, but don’t expect some accuracy compared to the actual toys Hasbro produces. When combining them into Devastator there are sticker labels that need to be applied. The lime green color is close to the toy itself just that they’re missing two members in this form.

Hasbro could have made an alternate way to have the other two members of the Constructicons become part of Devastator. It would be great if they did at least an internet exclusive to have an instruction manual to incorporate them. Devastator is one of the two unique combiners that include six members (the other is the Predacons that forms Predaking).

Devastator in kreon form would have reduced intimidating presence as he has the same appearance and template that Superior, Bruticus and Predaking appear as a giant robot composed of smaller Transformers. But some would dare to find the creativity in customizing their own combiners so you might find them sharing their builds somewhere in social media.

Devastator is part of KRE-O Micro Changers Combiners wave 1 released in 2012 manufactured by Korean company Oxford Toys and produced Hasbro currently on clearance in the Philippines for PhP 300.00 pesos.

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