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Monday, September 28, 2015

Mega Bloks Halo 96849: UNSC Mongoose!

09.28.2015 – Little is known about the videogame franchise in HALO, but for the hardcore gamer its one of the well-known properties that gave Mega Bloks the household name. It’s a first person shooting game that has a story of its own.

It had a rich history that for casual and non-gamers it might be too much to catch on. But for Mega Bloks its simple you start with one it will evolve and immerse yourself in this world with even bigger sets to build. But start small with a UNSC Mongoose.

Originally the UNSC Mongoose with set number 96849 was released in early 2011. It contains 77 pieces to put together one light reconnaissance vehicles with 4 real-working wheels that have detailed threads. This also includes a UNSC Spartan II mini-figure that carries a sniper rifle. It also puts together a Covenant Turret with plasma sword armed Covenant Elite mini-figure.

For some the details of what the UNSC Mongoose or a Covenant Turret is gibberish to a casual builder who would be curious and excited what’s so cool about this set that stand out with less expense in paying for a bigger set. But who cares what they are for a collector it’s just another HALO set that looks cool.

But then again it’s not about the aesthetics what makes this set ‘cool looking’ it’s the set itself that definitely sold out wanting you to get one that for a non-gamer would be interested a little story behind hit.

UNSC Mongoose

Entirely the set is named “UNSC Mongoose” a light reconnaissance vehicle a popular 4 wheel ride of a UNSC Spartan-II until and you can see this also in the game. This set is not to be confuse with set number 97339 ‘All-Terrain Mongoose’ that includes a super articulated Spartan Emile with customizable armor system.

This “UNSC Mongoose” is considered an earlier model based from the original HALO game to the current one that was released based from HALO: Reach. There not much detail on this “UNSC Mongoose” but you’ll immediately notice the difference from the newer model which is longer and more streamlined.

It’s driven by a Spartan-II mini-figure also from the earlier HALO games armed with a sniper rifle that has a working bipod. The earlier mini-figures Mega Bloks produced are not as detailed as the current ones, but it definitely has evolved throughout the years which also introduced another ‘military type’ property with Call of Duty.

Covenant Turret

It’s made of dark grey and purple parts with translucent blue attachments. The Covenant Turret appears to have loud colors. But if you’re a UNSC trooper it’s a dangerous weapon to avoid even though you’re riding a light reconnaissance vehicle that may or may not out run its sights.

The Covenant is a theocratic alliance of aliens led by religious leaders called the Prophets. Pretty much you’ll be lost in what they are but in a simple explanation The Covenant are the ‘bad guys’ in the game. With that at any cost if you ever played the game and encounter a Covenant Turret operated by a Covenant Elite armed with a plasma sword such as this mini-figure you better get out of the way.

Two-in-One Set

The “UNSC Mongoose” set would be considered a bang-for-your-buck, which means you get two for the price of one. Considering the current set which is the “All- Terrain Mongoose” will only get you THE Mongoose vehicle and a fully-armed and well detailed Spartan Emile without having an enemy to beat up.

This would be considered a classic set already having released almost four years ago. Besides the evolution of the game Mega Bloks also follow up with the production of the sets and vehicles that’s based from HALO and you’ll notice the changes. But if you where fortunate enough to see its early beginnings consider yourself a fan of the building sets as the new ones may not entirely appear impressive as the early ones.

Overall build with the “UNSC Mongoose” has anticipation in putting not just one but two sets on opposing factions. Plus you get two mini-figures to look at and admire the details of these characters in its earlier years which make this set simply awesome.

“UNSC Mongoose” originally released in 2011 which is produced by Mega Bloks under the MEGA Brands Inc. locally distributed in the Philippines by Richwell Prime. For more about the product LIKE Richwell Club on Facebook!

Mega Bloks is formerly under the MEGA Brands now being produced by Mattel Canada. To get more news about HALO future sets LIKE Mega Bloks on Facebook. Special acknowledgment and LIKE SMU Toys on Facebook!

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