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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

LEGO® City 30315: Space Utility Vehicle!

09.30.2015 – If you are into science fiction that includes anything that has something to do with discovery and exploration. LEGO® have a line of building toys for that. In fact they’ve been producing sets related to space since the late 1970s to early 1980s.

LEGO® has that particular theme ever since if you haven’t forgotten The LEGO® Movie they have Benny, The 1980s Spaceman. But LEGO® moves forward introducing a new set of space-related sets and it begins with the SUV buggy

If you haven’t made a trip to your local toy store or any LEGO® shop nearby probably you haven’t noticed the new Space sets introduced sometime in May of this year. There were several of them but you won’t even see it due to the immense popularity of Star Wars for this year now that The Force Awakens is three months away. But if you’re you dreamed of space travel and have seen countless documentaries and movies related to it you’ll definitely like the new sets.

Have you heard of the movie ‘The Martian?’ It’s a science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott which stars Matt Damon as Mark Watney who was thought died in a mission in Mars, but eventually survives as a premise to the movie and this is somewhat an interesting cello impulse pack to review that might find your interesting in thinking that there are LEGO® sets out there like this that are interesting aside from the famous licensed properties that they have.

It’s an S.U.V.

The image of the cello pack shows that it’s some sort of a moon buggy or a modern interpretation of a vehicle that the landing on the moon in 1969 was inspired from. When looking at up there was no name details about this set but Brickpedia has the answer to that and this is called the “Space Utility Vehicle.”

It seems that the setting of the S.U.V. in the cello pack depicts it being in the testing sight on Earth rather the environment on the moon or even Mars. But it sure is interesting that LEGO® has added a sub-line of sets dedicated to space exploration and discovery in the main City series.

Four-Wheel Explorer Vehicle

The Space Utility Vehicle has 39 pieces designated set 30315, which in some parts in the US is sold at the check-out counter in Target. But online for every $75 worth purchase you get this cello impulse pack for free, which possibly a rare thing to see if it ever was available or part of a promo by the only LEGO® store in the Philippines.

This S.U.V. might be a common set unlike the licensed ones that LEGO® produces. But for those who grew up dreaming working at NASA or just appreciating the reality of travelling in other worlds this set seems close to the real thing.

Technology of Discovery

The set includes one LEGO® Minifigure and does not have an alternate hat or hair piece if he removes his upper gear, which is a huge solid piece with a gold visor that doesn’t swivel and it’s permanently fixed. The Astronaut’s detailed space suit runs up to the back of the minifigure. When you put this together there are no excess pieces unlike some sets or cello packs that are out there.

This will only take you less than 30 minutes to put together and when you go through the motions you tend to learn a little bit about these types of vehicles. In reality this might not pass up to be brought to interplanetary travels as it doesn’t appear like it can be driven in all kinds of terrain. But overall it’s a fun set to build on your down time and just appreciating that LEGO® still have some non-licensed sets that they produce.

“Space Utility Vehicle” set 30315 under the City sub-line dedicated for Space theme can be acquired for every $75 US dollar purchase for free or at selected check-out counter at Target store in the US for $3.99 US Dollars.

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