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Sunday, September 13, 2015

LEGO® x Shell 2014: Finish Line & Podium!

09.13.2015 – For the second time in two years Shell and Ferrari has team-up with LEGO® to bring exclusive sets based from the cars and also related to the Formula 1 racing. They first released 5 exclusive sets in 2012 now they’re back for more!

LEGO®, Ferrari and Shell released six sets and an additional Shell Tanker that followed after it was revealed in November 2014. For 2014 there have been less cars balanced with sets that includes minifigures like the “Finish Line & Podium!

Shell brings back the promotion for 2014 and the same two years ago you can only acquire these sets when you fuel up at a nearby Shell petrol station for an amount. The sets for 2014 features four cars, two sets with minifigures, and a Shell Tanker, which was produced not seen at the back of the bags featuring the other sets.

Shell Bags of Surprises

The little nuggets in these LEGO® Shell sets may not be a surprise, but each build is already given what you’re putting together. But the details on having them together are still a challenging one for little hands.

This set has more pieces than the four cars, but probably the Shell station may have more pieces as it does not indicate how many parts are included. The instructions and sticker label are packed separately with a catalog card featuring the other sets.

Finish Line & Podium

This has been a familiar set for those who have been catching up with any racing event mostly for Formula 1. LEGO® recreates scaled down set based from the finish line and racing podium in Shell signature colors.

It features one minifigure who hold the chequered flag and race times, which both are not printed in the plates but rather that sticker where applied that it is included once you open the pack. The minifigure’s Ferrari colored uniform is also a sticker label and if you didn’t apply them he would look rather plain in flat red.

The Build to Win

The Finish Line & Podium is a fun build for adults and kids containing bigger pieces. It may not be in scale for bigger car sets that have minifigures, but it certainly scaled with the sets LEGO® has produced for Shell.

For those who already have an idea about Hot Wheels diecast cars like the Fig Rig, Let’s Go, and Pedal Driver this set will loo good with them. It might appear like wacky races but the diecast cars made for minifigures is compatible to this this set when you look at the scale.

Overall a fun build just some quirks that most LEGO® builders are not excited with applying sticker labels. Smaller hands might need parental assistance, but entirely the Finish Line & Podium is a must have. It’s just that the podium needs to be a little bigger if to accommodate three minifigures to stand in them.

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