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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

State of the KRE-O Interest & Sightings!

09.22.2015 – Rarely there are no new stuff coming out for KRE-O in the Philippines, but unfortunately they haven’t brought in the G.I. Joe line. The Dungeons & Dragons sets are currently on clearance and nothing much new stuff for Transformers.

The only new Transformers are the Battle Changers from early this year, and the TF:AOE blind bags (Series 1 & 2) are on clearance at PhP 50.00 pesos each…

Other than that mostly a small community are in the hunt for some older stuff that rarely you’ll immediately see.

The Micro Changers are slowly getting discontinued ending on clearance. Some of the older ones are starting to appear again in the case of the Micro Changers Combiners from the first wave are beginning to be a hot commodity like Devastator as one particular example.

Devastator is a popular character and the first combiner in the original Generation One series. Immediately collectors who are aware of the character can easily be snatch up and sold for secondary market despite some of them not familiar with the character. The rest are the Aerialbots namely the combined form of Superion and the Combaticons combined monster in Bruticus.

These are the ones that really fly off the toy shelves compared to less popular characters fetching for lower clearance retail price points. But for those who are going to miss out in acquiring Devastator and the other combiners there’s still hope that they might still be sold at the upcoming annual Toy Kingdom Warehouse in November.

For now keep your eye peeled whenever you’re a nearby toy store. It’s always good to pass by and probably help out a fellow community member without hijacking the price right? Let’s hope Hasbro and OxFord Toys comes up with new stuff for KRE-O is very dry right now. Conventions exclusives don’t help much in expanding interest with the KRE-O brand and the old stuff would only last long.

But as long as there are still interested in the brand sightings like these could help a growing fanbase.

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