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Monday, September 21, 2015

Mega Bloks Minions: Bob with Tim!

09.21.2015 – The Minions are a fund bunch of little men serving under Gru, but that all changed during the course of the “Despicable ME” animated films. A third one is in the works though after the hit spinoff.

The popularity of these yellow banana-crazed dudes has produced Happy Meal toys, action figures, and Mega Bloks minifigs, which are rarely available packed in sets. The blind bags series however has been unavailable in the Philippines…

Currently Mega Bloks has already released a third series dedicated to the Minions animated film. It had mass appeal that most collectors get them by the box. In Australia they are not packed in a blind bag but in a blind box. It might include the same code as the bagged packs in the US and it’s still popular among kids and adults.

The Minion phenomenon won’t end soon as DreamWorks Animation has already a third one currently in production. The Happy Meal toys though are a nightmare to get having exclusives only for particular region. But for Mega Bloks it won’t be that challenging to acquire and the only thing you need to worry about is the mystery character that comes with the third wave.

Meet Bob and Tim

Speaking of mystery characters in blind bag series for Minions it was revealed that it was Minion Bob with his plushy named Tim. Bob is wearing trhe same brown leather jacket when the rest of the Minions went into hiding after failures to getting someone they can serve as their master.

This version of Bob is the rarest in the third wave revealed as the mystery character. There’s also a variation of this one that had a clown make-up and the one given away during San Diego Comic-Con 2015 that had a red bag as an accessory instead of Tim.

Mystery Solved

Like any Minions packed in a set or in a blind bag comes in separate pieces and Mega Bloks definitely produced high quality minifigs. You see their goggles are not part of a solid piece and neither their clothes which is another part of putting them together.

Bob also comes with a yellow brick stud as a stand and what makes this minifig special is that he comes with plushy Tim. The details on this little guy are most wanted for those who only wanted the accessory and it’s also a rare part of why this minifig quite the fancy character collectors are looking for.

Overall build for one minifg from Mega Bloks Minions is not enough you’ve got to build an army to call them literal ‘Minions’, but they also should produce Scarlet Overkill and grew scale figures to make them part of that realm.

You can never have just Minions they should have masters to serve too.

Bob wit Tim” is the mystery Minion which is part of the wave 3 characters included in the blind bag for Minions produced under the Mega Bloks line and Mega Brands Inc. This was acquired in the US on retail that’s been popular due to the animated film.

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