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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

HW Surf Patrol 74 of 250: Pedal Driver!

09.23.2015 – There have been diecast cars that Hot Wheels has recently produced for the LEGO® minifigure to ride on. Though they are not entirely buildable or construction-based toys they have studs and handles bars for them to interact.

You’ve got the Fig Rig and Let’s Go kart that can also have KRE-O figures that can ride too. But before Mattel had acquired the Mega Brands, which is the mother company of Mega Bloks they’re incompatible until the Pedal Driver was released.

The Pedal Driver is more like a ‘kiddie car’ that debut earlier this year for the 2014-2015 Hot Wheels line of cars. Its original debut color similar to the Fig Rig and Let’s Go kart all of them came out first in red.

It seems Mattel’s Hot Wheels is not stopping there in producing diecast cars for minifigures for other brands aside from their Mega Blocks property. But the two previous cars are not compatible to the Mega Bloks figures, which is slowly changing after being acquired by Mattel.

Blue Hipster Mobile

It came out first in red with flame decals on both sides and not they have a blue version, which would definitely fall in the category of a Smurfs Mobile if you’ve collected the discontinued line that Mega Bloks acquired during the resurgence thanks in part to the previous live action films shown in 2011 and 2013.

The blue version came out in the second quarter of 2015 and it’s glorious if you know which Mega Bloks figure could drive it. For this one here’s Sleepy Smurf as the blue dude behind the wheel even though he wasn’t entirely drunk to begin with.

A Smurf’s Hot Ride

It appears the Pedal Driver is a hot rod with its classy appearance, but more like a super deformed version of the actual car. Its chrome finish compliments the blue color compared to the red one that was released earlier.

This may appear inappropriate for LEGO® Minifigures or for KRE-O figures to take the wheel as the appearance seemed not compatible compared to Mega Bloks. But a Smurf fits well specially with the color of their skin whit not right?

It’s a Mega Bloks Car

Mega Bloks and Hot Wheels seemed to be starting to understand now how they can work together in producing a specific diecast car for thief figures. But it won’t alienate other brands from coming out with a new one.

But it is the right time the Mega Bloks figures get a proper ride even though it doesn’t appear a little bit serious due to that the Pedal Driver appears like a ‘clown car.’ It is certain that Hot Wheels will come up with a new car that would cater not only to Mega Bloks but also to other competing brands.

Pedal Driver” car is part of the 2015 Hot Wheels diecast car line from Mattel designated 74 out of 250 being included in the subline for "HW City" and HW Surf Patrol retailed at PhP 99.75 pesos locally distributed by Richwell Club.

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