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Thursday, October 22, 2015

KRE-O ® Star Trek Series 2: General Chang!

10.22.2015 – Star Trek is one of the popular science fiction series of all time and currently developing its thirteenth feature film. In the previous films there has been great adventure with the crew of the USS Enterprise.

There has never been anything like the original crew from the classic TV series. Don’t forget the TNG crew is all a great cast as well as the one developed by JJ Abrams. But the last of the first six films has one of the memorable villains with General Chang!

After the revival of Star Trek in the mid-1980s with The Next Generation stories featuring the original cast did not end. In fact it revived the TV series with its first film back in 1979 and gained more ground with its sequels like Wrath of Khan, The Search for Spock, and the Voyage Home.

Though you have to skip the fifth film and set your phasers on the Undiscovered Country. The final instalment featuring the original cast for the final time had become memorable featuring not only the classic crew but a plethora of cameos, and guest appearance by actors portraying some of the unforgettable they portrayed.

There’s one character or villain that would be the catalyst in Undiscovered Country and that would probably General Chang portrayed by the Sound of Music’s Christopher Plummer a very handsome conniving Klingon general that is.

To be or Not for General Chang

General Chang might not be as popular as Khan Nooine Singh, but you’ve never seen a Klingon general spit out quotes from Shakespeare. Indeed he’s a poetic as any villain you want to see, but as Chancellor Gorkon’s chief of staff this Klingon is one tough general that gave the Enterprise crew a run for their latinum.

Behind the scenes prior to the General Chang everyone have seen in the screen his original appearance features a wig that Plummer remove to make the character more distinct and made the character’s facial appearance less severe.

Chang’s uniform is also unique that stands out to other Klingons in that an apparent eye injury is disguised with a metal eyepatch, which is attached directly to his skull by bolts bearing the Klingon emblem; later depictions of Klingons with eye injuries, such as Deep Space Nine's Martok, had them flaunting their mutilations as battle scars.

Kreon Klingon

This is not JJ Abrams version of a Klingon but based from the Undiscovered Country. General Chang’s Kreon appearance very much based from Christopher Plummer’s famed character with all the right elements like the metal eyepatch and the uniform.

The only Klingon that’s not armed with a traditional Bat'leth, but a disruptor worthy for General Change though he should still have an accessory than just a projectile weapon could have been better though overall that’s good enough to an armed villain.

Certainly General Chang is one Kreon mini-figure you’d like to lead for your army of Klingons despite most of them are from the JJ Abrams universe and why not.

General Chang” is part of the wave 2 characters for Star Trek included in the blind bag for Kre-O produced by Hasbro and OxFord Toys. This was sold on clearance at Toys R' Us store in the Philippines for PhP 100.00 pesos each.

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