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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

LEGO® Shell 40190: F138!

10.21.2015 – There have been several racing events out there, but none of them is unlike the Formula One racing. Its one of the biggest racing events on Earth by its prestige history, which some can’t get enough of as a merchandise.

LEGO® and Shell make that happened in their promotional partnership in 2014 and two years before featuring cars from Ferrari. For the most recent promotion they included a Formula One car in the Ferrari 138 also known as F2013

Previously LEGO® has produced sets based on Ferrari’s iconic cars, but rarely based on Formula One cars and the most recent one was part of the promotion from 2012. Shell brings back that partnership with Ferrari to collaborate with LEGO® to produce that one particular set featuring the F138, which most F1 fans are familiar with known as the F2013 that was retired for that particular season.

Ferrari 138

The Ferrari 138 is modelled after the actual car that was used during the 2013 Formula One Season originally known as F2013 or Formulas 2013designed and built by Scuderia Ferrari and driven by World Champion Fernando Alonso and team-mate Felipe Massa. The chassis is named the “F138” to represent the year it would be raced which is 2013.

It also mark the final season that Formula One would use V8 engines and Ferrari were developing their car for the 2014 season in parallel with the F138. This car took the 31st Grand Prix victory at the Chinese Grand Prix. Besides taking the win in China the car also participated in Bahrain, Spain, Monaco, Canada, Britain, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Italy and Singapore.

Pullback Powered F1

LEGO® produced a limited edition F138 as part of the Shell promotion in 2014, which also featured three other Ferrari cars and two sets with minifigures. This set not to be confused with the 2012 edition, which is the Ferrari 150 Italia as both may seem the same in appearance. But when you look closely they are entirely different and still share the pullback gimmick that made each Ferrari car special.

No details how many pieces is compose of this set, but the difference between the previous Formula One car is the elements that made the F138 stand out. Building it is simpler compared to putting together the two sets that includes a minifigure.

Brick-Made Formula One

The F138 may not be in-scale with the minifigures, but good enough to represent its real life car that Scuderia Ferrari has built and designed. You’ll notice that the tire rims has yellow highlights and there are more white elements compared to the F150 Italia released in 2012.

Overall the details are more refined in appearance regarding the Ferrari 138, and the details can’t be said enough that it’s a Formula One car in LEGO® form that you’ll never see anywhere with a pullback gimmick that you’ll have hours of making it run through your office table or any flat surface out there.

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