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Friday, October 23, 2015

HW Stunt 80 of 250: Fig Rig! [Yellow Edition]

10.23.2015 – If there is one thing that’s quite ironic after LEGO® being named the number one toy brand in the world making another toy brand not officially but compliments its competitor.

It makes you wonder and this even before Mattel fully acquired Mega Brand Inc’s most valuable asset which is the Mega Bloks in 2014, that they built a car for LEGO®’s minifigure and their first was a FIG RIG!

This was featured two years before and Hot Wheels did produce a diecast car designed for a LEGO® minifigure to ride and even do action poses with. This was the FIG RIG truck which was originally unknown to even diecast collectors that it was made fro a regular LEGO® minifigure to ride on it.

Originally it was a one-off kind of concept that they introduced the FIG RIG in its original red color that has a pixelated logo of the Hot Wheels brand. But of course they would come up with another color for that same year as Hot Wheels produce two variation of the same car in 2013.

The YELLOW Alternate

When the FIG RIG was introduced its first color was red and it’s based on the same hue from a LEGO® brick. It featured a pixel inspired pattern of the Hot Wheels flame logo with yellow rims. It appears to be ordinary 21st century pick-up truck due to its very well designed streamlined appearance.

The primary color is yellow but the chassis is now red instead of black and having white rims instead of yellow. This variation pops out even at night you can see the details, but this particular car’s paint job is a little bit sloppy with some colors overlapping if you look closely.

MiniFig Ride

Originally it was half intended to be for a figure to ride on until everyone caught up with the idea that it was also built intentionally for a LEGO® minifigure. The design included a roll bar handles in the rear and two pegs slot disguised as engine exhaust ports while in the bed another peg slots can be seen hidden.

But in appearance it was never meant to be a LEGO® minifigure car, but entirely not for any Mega Bloks figure. Though with some interest Hot Wheels came out with the Let’s Go kart, which actually is for a LEGO® miniifigure followed by the Pedal Driver introduced for this year’s line that can have a Mega Bloks figure ride it.

Overall appearance it’s a sleek looking truck but entirely made with an Easter egg unless you can see it at the back of its packaging that first came out. But for the yellow version if you haven’t seen the first release it won’t indicate that it was built for a LEGO® minifigure that’s basically JUST ordinary looking truck.

Fig Rig” car is part of the 2013 Hot Wheels diecast car line from Mattel designated 80 out of 250 being included in the subline for "Stunt Circuit" retailed at PhP 99.75 pesos locally distributed by Richwell Club.

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