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Friday, October 16, 2015

LEGO® Sale at Toys R' Us Philippines!

10.16.2015 – It’s probably the time of the year for toy stores promoting their clearance and holiday sales. The usual annual promotions are mostly for regular toys rarely for building toys of other brands that doesn’t have the name “LEGO®.”

But this could possibly the first for the local distributor to expand that sale, which they mostly do in their warehouse when the holiday season is near…

Slowly there have been sightings of LEGO® sets being marked down for sale that where found and you won’t believe what they have.

In the past few days the consistent store that has been marking blue tags in their LEGO® sets is Toys R’ Us besides the “Bricktober” exclusive promotion they have since the start of the month they have already confirmed some of their sets marked down with 30% percent off.

The local distributors’ own store are also selling marked down LEGO® sets, but TRU seemed to be the go-to place to get your hands on these discounted selected themes from CITY to Star Wars. It will also depend on the store location if you know where to look for. Best advice if you have the time to scour that seemed a hole-in-a wall type TRU store you might find the gems that have hidden are now on sale.

If you haven’t found them yet here’s one store that have some interesting sets that includes the discontinued Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sets since Mega Bloks has re-acquired their rights to produce them for 2016. See the images of what where sighted at a TRU store…

EXTRA Sighting: Sets on Sale at Toy Kingdom

Toy Kingdom has also some LEGO® sets marked down and discounted also for 30% percent off and all you need is check the stores. Sometimes not all of them have the same stock on display you just have to find time to go there.

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