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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mighty Jaxx Exclusive: Micro Anatomy!

10.20.2015 – LEGO® as a popular brand of building toys has inspired a lot of great minds from kids to adults you have it. Even their competitors they followed spun off their own product and there are also artists too.

One of them is Jason Freeny an American visual artist and talented with sculpture. Most of his creations are related to anatomy and that’s what he did with a Minifigure.

Best known for anatomical art where most of his subjects are popular characters with anatomy cutway revealing their inner bones, tissues and organs like human beings. But most of Freeny’s subjects are toys ranging from popular brands out there and one of them is the Minifigure.

Recently Jason Freeny made it to STGCC 2015 (Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention), which he had limited release of his “Micro Anatomy” featuring a LEGO® minifigure in four variations. For STGCC it had the translucent version, which eventually sold out immediately. Taking a look at this can pass up as a LEGO® minifigure but you’ll notice half of the body revealing its anatomy how cool is that?

Roughly close to the size of the LEGO® minifigure with less articulation on its half body as it reveals its anatomy. You can see from the packaging that this translucent version can only be acquired at STGCC 2015 while the others where also completely sold out which released in limited numbers.

Here’s an in-depth look at the “Micro Anatomy”, which was definitely something LEGO® minifigures should see though not an official product it is a legit creation by Jason Freeny who designed and reveal an anatomy of a LEGO® minifigure.

“Micro Anatomy” is sold exclusively during STGCC 2015 through Mighty Jaxx, which was created by Jason Freeny. For more of his past and upcoming works LIKE Jason Freeny on Facebook and visit his site at:

Acknowledgements: To Archy of Jagnus Design Studios for featuring this “Micro Anatomy.”

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