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Monday, October 19, 2015

Mega Bloks Despicable ME: Fire Rescue Minions!

10.19.2015 – Before the Minions became a blockbuster with their spinoff they first stole most of the scenes in Despicable ME 2. The sequel was all about a former villain becoming a father to three little girls and some Minions.

Some of the best scenes in that particular animated film where adapted in playsets, and when Mega Bloks acquired the rights to produce these sets it was instant golden. It seemed one scene is destined to stay in your memory like the Fire Rescue Pack!

Mega Bloks launched the Despicable Me sets sometime in 2014 and also started a series of blind bags based from the two films. Then it was followed by the spinoff of The Minions that features some scenes from that movie too. Most of the sets where rarely sighted being sold in some parts of Asia, but in Australia they have most of the ones that never appeared in any of the local stores in the Philippines.

It was a bit late to see The Minions sets make it to the country and not even the blind bags where available. But the Despicable ME sets where entirely non-existent save that if you’re based in other countries line in the US. There have been sets based from the Despicable ME films and one of them is the Fire Rescue Pack, which some of the featured minions where immortalized in other variations.


Despicably hilarious! The Fire Rescue Minions are here! Not that they appear like they are trained to pan out the flames instead they’re even dangerous to those around them. This is one particular set that you’ll probably be hoping to see in Philippine retail, but it’s sure not going to happen unless you know anyone to send you one.

This set as written in the box is known as “Fire Rescue Figure Pack” featuring three of the minions in that particular scene from Despicable ME 2, where they try to put the flames out on Gru’s office but instead even destroys the darn place.

There are 113 pieces in this set including the three minions also known as Fire Brigade Minions. The set features the wall of Gru’s office and his table that’s on fire and it doesn’t bode well for this office to be me rescued as seen in the box art.

Fire Brigade Minions!

What’s new for the 2014 Mega Bloks sets is that you can now see one of the built mini-figures in the window corner of the box. Upon opening the box there’s one bag that contains several packets of bags containing the elements to put the set together including the other two minions.

The product manual is fairly simple in giving you instructions how to put together Gru’s office wall and table. The same goes to putting together the other two minions to complete the Fire Brigade crew. When you get to built the set you’ll notice the details are packed with elements that you’ll probably didn’t notice in that scene from Despicable ME 2 like the fire alarm bell and the broken wall or even the purple door.

You’ll not miss noticing the tiny fire extinguisher and that long hose attached to a fire hydrant outside Gru’s office. His table have some interesting elements too like a working drawer and detailed phone with keypads. Though a little bit of a let down is the flame elements their not as fiery as you’d expect but its good enough to simulate that the only thing is burning is Gru’s table.

Fiery Rescue Mayhem

The three Minions in their Fire Brigade gear are well detailed too, but don’t indicate their names. If you look closely all three are not the same when it comes to their body shape and their facial expressions are different too. Among the three the most popular is the Minion with the bullhorn and wearing warning red lights headset.

This Minion is called the “Fire Alarm Minion” as he’s the leader of the crew making the siren noise. While the other two is also important to the Brigade crew as one of them is wielding two fire axes the one minion who burst into Gru’s office wall uncontrollably when fire broke out on his table. The other minion is probably the jolliest of the group and the well-rounded one carries the fire hose that not only put the fire out, but also put the axe carrying minion from losing control.

Overall this set is great to put together whoever some pieces are difficult due to the uneven mold of the plastic that needs a little bit of excessive force. But once you get past the process in building this set its all fun and hilarity with the Fire Brigade Minions ready to the rescue.

“Fire Rescue Figure Pack” is part of the Despicable ME sets from Mega Bloks containing 113 pieces and three exclusive minions released in 2014. This was acquired at Target in New South Wales Australia for $25.00 AU Dollars.

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