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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

LEGO® Store Pick-A-Build: Green Jeep Variant!

11.11.2015 – LEGO® Stores in the US have the monthly ‘Pick-A-Model’ build that you put together either in-store or take home. Back in July 2015 they have a ‘Pick-A-Model’ to build a green jeep which has a unique set of wheels not available anywhere.

Last month PinoyLUG gave away the same jeep to lucky members who participated through social media to celebrate the community’s Bricktober 2-day event held at DK (Druids Keep) Collectibles. But there is also a variant version of this green jeep that is exclusively to PinoyLUG that’s worth taking a closer look!

The special edition ‘Pick-A-Brick’ green jeep was an exclusive build to selected LEGO® Store across North America. This is in-scale to be driven by any minifigure but it doesn’t come with one and contains 40 pieces including the unique set of wheels exclusively for this set.

Besides the set of black rims it also includes a wrench and a bar that’s attached on both sides of the jeep. It’s a set probably some wondering where it original came from and now you know that it’s exclusively available from a LEGO® Store last July 2015.

Green Jeep Variant

The alternate version of this green jeep is the unofficial version exclusively given away to selected members of PinoyLUG (LEGO® Usewrs Group) last month during the community’s first anniversary dubbed ‘Bricktober’ a two-day event held at the DK (Druids Keep) Collectibles comic shop at The Fort Strip.

There are similar parts included in this variation with additional parts to distinguish itself to be a different build and mostly a ‘community exclusive’ for PinoyLUG. The obvious difference is that it uses a different set of rims and tires while the front design has been ‘beefed-up’ to appear more animated with headlights replacing them with eyeballs. The other element added for this variation is the red chair for the minifigure to sit on comfortably when driving this jeep.

Emerald Wheels

This version of the green jeep contains more than 40 pieces that includes the elements that share with the ‘Pick-A-Model’ green jeep that makes it more of an upgrade version of the original that is obviously built for a minifigure to drive off-road.

Overall build less than 30 minutes and the instructions to put together this variation of the green jeep is not available anywhere. But will list details of the elements you need to put together your own jeep that doesn’t need to be green very soon. For now check the distinct difference with this PinoyLUG exclusive green off-road jeep!

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