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Monday, November 2, 2015

Mega Bloks Unveil Star Trek for 2016!

11.02.2015 – Mega Bloks recent wrap up their successful exhibit at the New York Comiccon. By now most Collectors and fans have been hyped by the new reveal for some of the upcoming series in 2016.

But there’s no excitement that can’t be contained with Mega Bloks retaining the rights to produce Star Trek related sets for next year.

For those unaware this is the second go around Mega Bloks to produce construction sets based on Gene Rodenberry’s Star Trek.

The one and only set that Mega Bloks produced in the early 2000s is the Galaxy Class starship USS Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation, which include one minifigure of Captain Jean-Luc Picard complete with a phaser accessory.

For years there hasn’t been a construction set based from Star Trek until Hasbro and Korean toy manufacturer Oxford Toys produced sets based from the 2012 film Star Trek Into Darkness. But they also produced minifigures based from the TV series via their blind packs from wave 2 and then immediately discontinued.

Details of the sets revealed will be available in fall 2016, but in the next couple months prior to its release Mega Bloks will tease Trekkies what to expect in the renewed tie-up where no fan has gone before!


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