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Sunday, November 1, 2015

LEGO® Creator 31004: Fierce Flyer!

11.01.2015 – There have been notable Creator sets released in 2013, but most of them are either a beach house or a vehicle that gets more attention than creatures. There’s one of those underrated sets that needs a second and look that’s the Fierce Flyer.

The Fierce Flyer set is the only animal-based 3-in-1 Creator released in 2013 that never got a second look. It’s a ‘hit n’ miss’ set that deserves a second chance now that it’s actually one of the sets on clearance in the Philippines.

Before LEGO® Ideas came out with Birds they have the Fierce Flyer set that went unnoticed among the Creator line that was dominated by vehicles and house structures. It’s probably the one set it never took off when an eagle can be fierce and soar off the shelves to fly.

But it turns out due to the popularity of the sets that came along with this one it went to be the unknown creator that never got that attention. It’s rare to find one that stands out among the house structures and vehicles that’s different and this Fierce Flyer certainly deserves a closer look why it’s a special set to itself.

An Eagle That's Ready to Soar

The Fierce Flyer with set number 31004 is numbered between the Red Rotor and Construction Hauler for probable reason it never fly off the shelves literally. There could be more into building helicopters and big trucks.

But this set has something more than just 166 pieces of plates and other elements. It’s a Fierce Flyer who would want to build one that’s inspired from a Bald Eagle? It’s obvious the set is inspired from a Bald Eagle with the white feathered head with brown feathered body that has yellow-like feet with sharp talons that’s white-tailed.

Its actually a sea eagle a known subspecies found in North America who feeds mainly on fish which it swoops down and snatches from the water with its talons. The reason it’s called a ‘bald’ eagle is because the name derives from an older meaning of "white headed". This is considered the national bird and national animal of the United States of America. The Bald Eagle appears on its seal.

Fierce in Detail and Creativity

This set contains 166 pieces divided in three separate bags and containing two manuals. The first manual is the instruction to put together the Fierce Flyer, while the second manual has instructions for the Beaver and Venomous Scorpion.

The primary colors for this set have two shades of brown plates and elements. It also contains some white plates and elements and yellow parts too. The front box gives you an idea on the primary build which is the Fierce Flyer and the alternate creations of a Beaver and the Venomous Scorpion.

Building America’s National Bird

Being the primary set to build the Fierce Flyer certainly packs a lot of detail and articulation. The designers who had this idea to put together a set about a flying creature, a rodent, and creepy crawly certainly had got something special with having this as the lone animal-based set.

Overall it will only take you less than thirty minutes to put together the Fierce Flyer and mostly takes up all the pieces (161 pieces in total) included in the box with some very small excess parts.

For a set that has primary colors of brown, white and yellow it’s going to be a challenge to figure out what else to build beyond the 3-in-1 Creator concept.

“Fierce Flyer” 31004 3-in-1 Creator theme is originally retailed at PhP 899.75 pesos which is now onm clearance at PhP 540.00 pesos in the Philippines.

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