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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

KRE-O ® TF AoE Series 1: Skrapnel!

11.03.2015 – The fifth wave of the blind-bagged Kreon Micro-Changers could probably the second to the last run for KRE-O with most of the characters are either created only for this line in a live action movie theme.

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to characters created for this wave that doesn’t have any support of fiction. But probably it might have a tie-up with a pre-existing character like this Insecticon known as Skrapnel!

The line-up for this wave of Micro-Changers doesn’t carry much familiar faces in the roster. There have been familiar names but some of them have confusing appearance.

Like Nightbeat who is a Headmaster though his appearance is not based on the Generation One character. But he’s more like Punch Counterpunch a double agent originally an Autobot that disguise as a Decepticon.

Not-So Mystery Bug

The blind-bagged Micro-Changer pack of Skrapnel contains fourteen parts including his Megatron-like gun accessory and Kreon block stand. The primary colors used to put together Skrapnel are black and red that deviates from the G1 insecticon, which makes him, unrelated the other brood.

Just like the rest of the fifth wave the packaging based from the Age of Extinction theme and this had codes to find out on who you’re going to get. This is actually the last wave to ever have the codes as the net one did not have any for you to expect what’s inside every blind-bagged pack.

The Insecticlone

There has been no supported fiction where Skrapnel comes from and he’s not even Shrapnel either or related to. Just like the other Kreon-made Transformers for this wave it follows a running theme inspired by the fourth live action film.

The robot mode chest is obvious that KRE-O is trying to make this character exist in the live action films. Skrapnel is actually based on a G1 insecticon clone Zaptrap, a Japanese e-HOBBY magazine-exclusive Shrapnel redeco that transforms into a stag beetle. You’ll probably surprise by this now that a light bulb flickered on top of your head wanting to make an army of Skrapnels by now.

Skrapnel is part of the fifth wave of Micro changes from the ‘Age of Extinction’ Series 1 currently on clearance at $1.00 US (PhP 50.00 pesos) each.

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