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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Happy Meal 2008 Feat. LEGO® Batman!

12.10.2016 – This won’t be considered entirely as a LEGO® set or minifigure, but collectibles from McDonald’s Happy Meal. This would still be related to LEGO® despite being part of a promo regarding the release of LEGO® Batman videogame in 2008.

But the interest of LEGO® license themes such as Batman from DC Comics wasn’t as popular now that he’s the star of the upcoming 3D animated film in 2017. The breakout star in 2014’s The LEGO® Movie has certainly found its sequel, sort of.

There have been eight toys that McDonald’s has released in 2008, that never even made it so some Asian countries that includes the Philippines as part its promotional item. But the toys have become available in specialty shops unfortunately not as a set. Most of them are incomplete or worn of as being sold as a second hand item.

Before Emmett from The LEGO® Movie captured what the brand has become, the famous brick company relied heavily in promoting license sets as continued it growth when they acquired the Batman rights from DC Comics. This is also the sane year Warner Bros was heavily promoting the sequel to “Batman Begins” with “The Dark Knight”, where new sets where released for that summer.

Though unrelated to the Happy Meal toys and its actual LEGO® sets more tied up to the videogame these toys where certainly one of a kind prior to the LEGO® Batman that appeared in “The LEGO® Movie.”

So here are three of the toys from 2008 that’s worth a closer look when you talk about Batman that pretty much also lacking the personality of Will Arnett’s character, but the seeds have already planted as now being part of the LEGO® universe. Take note that these Happy Meal LEGO® Batman toys are not compatible with the actual sets, but a representation of their appearance in the videogame.

The Grey Caped Crusader

This Batman takes his inspiration to Christian Bale’s role as the caped crusader in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Trilogy” with the armour he’s wearing from “The Dark Knight” and “Dark Knight Rises”, but entirely in grey instead of black as the belt design though not the bat insignia.

His facial expression is lacking of that what the current LEGO® Batman has, but this was the early years when DC Comics was just giving the rights for LEGO® to produce their version of the Dark Knight detective. This figurine which is three times the size of an actual LEGO® Minifigure is in his permanent action posed comes with a batarang that can be attached to his back with articulation on the waist and right arm for the throwing action.

Penguin’s LEGO® Submarine

There are some who rides a Yellow Submarine, but one of Batman’s villains rides a Penguin Submarine armed with two firing “penguin missiles” with a press of a button disguised as the Penguin himself that’s not removable.

This well detailed submersible looks like an actual LEGO® vehicle set, but it’s not though it has a functional rear propeller and a micro sized non-removable Penguin Minifigure. When you look at the three toys here this was the least favorite among the toys that was part of the Happy Meal toy promo.

The LEGO® Batmobile

Lastly, the most interesting LEGO® Batman toy as part of the Happy Meal promo is none other than the iconic Batmobile. The LEGO® appearance of this vehicle appears also in the LEGO® Batman Videogame. Its design takes inspiration from the earlier Batman films which star Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, and George Clooney in the role of the caped crusader.

The usual gimmick of the Batmobile is the firing missile usually in the front disguised as an engine block and the button is obviously is the bat symbol inside a yellow ellipse. What makes this as a favorite among the three toys featured is the design and details of the Batmobile which features a micro-size non-removable Batman minifigure. It can pass up as a LEGO® vehicle in its micro scale because of the aesthetic appearance from its shape down to the tail flames when it roars into action.

Overall it’s unfortunate that these where promotional items exclusively released in North America that also includes The Joker, Mr Freeze, Robin, Batcopeter, and Bat Boat where all made its appearance in the LEGO® Batman videogame. The three featured toys are probably not as rare as you think. They really stand out for those who are into Batman, but given to choose among the three the Batmobile is a favorite followed by the oversized LEGO® Batman with Penguin as the least you’d want.

The LEGO® Batman Videogame toys were released sometime in 2008 as part of the Happy Meal promo to promote the game with acknowledgement to SMUToys for sending them back in 2009.

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