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Monday, January 9, 2017

Build LEGO® Creations at Adelaide City Library!

01.09.2017 – Libraries used to be a place of study, research, and just plain reading. But in the internet age you’d be surprised that some libraries now allow you to use their facilities to surf the net, listen to audio books or even let you borrow movies.

Adelaide’s City Library does that too and more with a wide variety of books for research and study to foreign articles for everyone. But what makes this library stand out is the support in building your imagination through LEGO® that caters from the age of 1 to 99 and they don’t charge you to play!

The City Library in Adelaide let’s you play with their LEGO® bricks to build and create your own MOC (My Own Creation). This mini event is for the casual walk-in or regular visitors of the library and you don’t even need to register a Library Card just to be able to join the ‘LEGO® Club.’

This mini event happens every Sundays at 2 PM at the main part of the library and you won’t miss it due to the large group seated building their creations, where beside of them is a crate of LEGO® pieces ready to be used.

Featured Creation of the Week

LEGO® CLUB runs for three hours and to inspire would-be creators all the MOCs get to be featured in the library’s display section for a week. All of them are housed in a secured glass display after they where built for visitors to see like a mini exhibit and they get replaced again with new builds every Sunday.

There’s tons of creativity from kids to potential AFOLS who just happens to visit Adelaide’s City Library. This is a great example to other libraries anywhere to break the stereotype image of just being a place for study or reading in inspiring young and old that everyone can play with LEGO® and let their imaginations run wild.

If you haven’t seen some of the creations for this week check out some of them being displayed in the library’s glass display below:

Special thanks to Anita, the assigned Filipina librarian who manage the LEGO® Club every Sundays. For more details and inquiry LIKE Adelaide City Library on Facebook and you can visit the website for details at:

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