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Monday, January 30, 2017

LEGO® Batman at Big W Marion Sighted!

01.30.2017 – The LEGO® Batman Movie is the hottest theme right now with the blind bagged packs sold out two weeks earlier there has been a slow update at Australian stores in some region specifically in South Australia. But here they are starting to show up in some major retail stores.

Specifically with Big W now having some of the first wave sets like the Batmobile and vehicles driven by some of the Rogues Gallery. The sets that have pop up are just the first few to be spotted at one local Big W store with more details…

If you’re at the suburbs in the city of Marion chances are you might frequent at the retail stores at Westfield Marion, where some major retail stores carry LEGO® sets. But ahead of the pack Big W has a shelf ready for the picking as sighted yesterday late in the afternoon.

This first wave sets have Killer Croc’s Tail-Gator ($108.00 AUD), The Riddler Riddle Racer ($49.00 AUD), The Batmobile ($95 AUD) which was seen in the earlier trailers, and The Penguin’s Arctic Roller ($49.00 AUD) to complete a line up of medium to large sets.

Fresh from the Delivery Boxes

While the Catwoman Catcycle Chase, Mr. Freeze Ice Attack, and Scarecrow Specila Delivery round up the medium sets all retailed at $35.00 AUD that each have two to three minifigures included. So far no updates if there will be smaller sets coming out, but they’ll be on display soon so keep an eye out for updates.

For now these are the first waves now available at Big W in Westfield Marion no updates for David Jones, Myers, Target or Kmart all located in this mall. But certainly they will definitely be having them here just keep a look out whenever you pass by.

Endangered Minifigure Series

As for the restock on The LEGO® Batman Movie Minifigure there’s no update due to the immense popularity and the upcoming movie it will be challenging to find more in this area as the last ones where sighted at Target last week. Surely they’ll be stocking them soon since the movie won’t be out in Australia until late March.

It looks like the first quarter of 2017 has drawn first blood with new sets based from the upcoming 3D animated feature. There will be more sets to be revealed just be like LEGO® vigilant as ever for now check your nearest Big W for these sets.

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