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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Event Cinemas | LEGO® Batman Movie Standee

01.25.2017 – There have been several LEGO® Batman Movie promos that has been released for the past months promoting the forthcoming film.

But this time Warner Bros. and The LEGO® Group is not brining an unfamiliar brand. Though you know this iconic character has been around for more than 7 decades. You’d be more excited when you see the actual standee.

If you’re just around the city of Marion in South Australia chances are you’ll probably bought tickets to certain films that are being shown at Westfield Marion’s Event Cinemas. Just in case you get lost in the lobby you’ll probably come across some of the movie standees for upcoming films. Surely, one of them is from The LEGO® Batman Movie which will be in cinemas by next month. But it won’t be shown in Australia until the end of March.

There have been several variations for The LEGO® Batman Movie that where sighted since last December 2016. But this one might be your personal favourite because its an oversize minifigure of Batman himself in a running pose with his Shark Repellent standing on a giant LEGO® yellow block.

The other one of course is the minifigure puzzle-like Rubik’s cube, where you match the upper, middle, and lower body part of the characters from The LEGO® Batman Movie. Then there’s that standee with background where you hold a cut out LEGO® mug with Batman, which is basically nothing compared to the oversized minifigure of LEGO® Batman himself that’s absolutely marvellous don’t you think?

This is the only cinema that has both the minifigure stand and the puzzle-like Rubik’s cube, but doesn’t have the standee that features Batman putting a toast to a cut out mug that you’ll holding when you take a photo with it.

But you can never pass up to have a photo of the LEGO® Batman minifigure than just a cut out right? This one is surely some AFOL’s dream or goal in life to take it home for themselves once the movie wraps up screening in cinemas all over the world. The sheers size of this minifigure won’t be considered ‘mini’ for something you can actually acquire in actual LEGO® toy only scaled down.

Certainly a photo opportunity is a keeper for now, but who knows someone might have already planned to take this home only time will tell.

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