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Friday, January 12, 2018

LEGO® City, Batman & Star Wars at Big W!

01.12.2018 – The start of the year brings new things to see and anticipate with LEGO it’s already given that there will be sets to be released. Some of them made it to major news sites that have been leaked ahead of LEGO’s official announcements.

But most of them have already made it to display shelves particularly in Australia, where some of these sets have not made it yet to other markets.

Though nothing much major or highly anticipated sets they still a refreshing look when they where sighted. Big W, one of the major department stores in Australia have been consistent with new sets for 2018 that where sighted particularly new themes within the flagship brand’s CITY mainline particularly the Mining sets that used to be dominated with the lime green color in its previous releases. But for this year the new sets have upgrades namely the vehicles and how mining is represented in the LEGO world.

The other new sets for the CITY range are the vehicles from one-man Police jets, high-speed experimental cars that would make the record for the fastest car in the world, and Monster trucks that have larger wheels being used than the usual. There are also campers and new Starter Set for all the themes under the CITY mainline.

Though there are no major eye catching sets that most builders and collectors are looking forward to see license sets have been spotted as well namely the expanded range for the LEGO Batman Movie featuring Batman’s rogue gallery of villainy. This includes new vehicles that feature an all-black space shuttle, which had minimal screen time when the animated feature was shown in the first quarter of 2017.

Star Wars also have some notable sets fresh from its billion dollar box office hit The Last Jedi, but what’s new with this license brand is the fifth instalment of the Microfighter series still going strong with The Force.

Though one of the sets is a recycle its not entirely the same as the first time it was introduced in Series 1, but had an upgrade and that’s the Millennium Falcon this time with Chewbacca as its pilot and the retooled set is based from The Force Awakens film as you all know Han Solo’s fate on that one “SPOILERS!” for those who have not seen that 2015 film.

The Falcon sports a new radar dish and some added stud-firing weaponry as compared to the previous one that was released in the very first Microfighters series. Plus! You get to have Chewbacca with his bowcaster and all you need now is the ship’s new captain – Rey, unfortunately not included.

So what are you staring at? Head down to your nearest Big W to get your new LEGO sets before they quickly sold out including that cool new Millennium Falcon from Microfighters Series 5!

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