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Monday, April 23, 2018

LEGO® Dimensions | Knight Rider

04.23.2018 – LEGO® as a brand continues to be ahead of its counterparts that imitates the original interlocking brick technology. The brand expands its themes acquiring licenses from various franchises like Star Wars or DC Comics. But how about making it relevant in the digital world?

That’s where LEGO® Dimensions came about joining the “toys-to-life” concept, where a figure or toy is put in a pad that it can interact digitally in the game. Sadly Dimensions was cancelled in October 2017 but the sets have become popular.

There have been many franchises that populate the world of LEGO® Dimensions from characters like Batman (DC Comics), Gandalf (Lord of the Rings), and Wyldstyle (The LEGO® Movie) as primary characters you play in the game which was included in the starter pack.

But there are other characters too that are from various media like animation, television and other videogames. Past to present they’ve been produced as LEGO® sets for the Dimensions “toys-to-life” game that was created by Traveller’s Tales and Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment.

One of these franchises is the popular 1980s television series Knight Rider featuring Michael Knight and his car KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand), which is a Fun Pack that you can use in the game. Though for this generation some are unfamiliar with Knight Rider, which made David Hasselhoff a household name. Though in the game he didn’t voice is character, but William Daniels who originally voiced KITT was ever present to bring that nostalgic factor to the game.

Michael Knight & KITT

The Fun Pack featuring Knight Rider’s Michael Knight and KITT contains 55 pieces divided into two small plastic bags and an instruction manual that does not have directions to build KITT or rebuilt him into the Goliath Armored Semi or the KITT Jet that only appears in the game not in the classic TV series.

Michael Knight’s appearance is based on David Hasselhoff complete with belt buckle with two facial reactions behind the exclusive hairpiece design for this minifigure. KITT on the other hand doesn’t entirely represent his TV counterpart, but good enough to appear as a black car that supposed to be based on the 1982 Firebird Trans Am car developed by Pontiac.

Riding the Knight

Aesthetics in keeping the appearance of KITT when built into his primary form can be done in less than 5 to 10minutes. What’s exclusive in this set is Michael Knight in LEGO® minifigure form. Even though Dimensions has been discontinued late in 2017 it’s the only set where you can acquire this pop culture character.

If you have necessary black pieces or elements to produce the likeness of KITT that can be done as some must have already done it and all you need is Michael Knight, which is one of the minifigures being underrated in the Dimensions game unless you know The Hoff you’ll never forget what made him popular back in the day.

Overall build-wise it would be easy if they included instructions to put together KITT and his other alternate modes. Unfortunately you have to download the PDF files through the LEGO® site. But overall the takeaway from this set is Michael Knight and you have yourself a David Hasselhoff minifigure.

“Knight Rider” is part of the Fun Pack theme set number 71286 for the LEGO® Dimensions toys-to-life game, which was released in on February 10, 2017 and is currently on clearance that was acquired at Big W for $7.20 AU Dollars wher clerance ends on April 25, 2018.

Acknowledgents to Marion Libraries where the build and documentary of this review was made.

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