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Monday, April 2, 2018

LEGO® Nexo Knights | Motor Horse

04.02.2018 – The LEGO® Nexo Knights is one of the original themes from the Danish-based toy brand since being introduced in 2016 accompanied with an animated TV series being aired on Cartoon Network.

There have been several sets produced for this theme about modern knights from Knighton. From the mobile castle set to the impulse polybag packs that feature this Royal Guard with his trusty Motor Horse that’s something to look at with this interesting set that’s quite unknown to some.

Nexo Knights has been around for the last two years, and it was announced early in January 2018 it was announced that the theme will end. This was similar to what happened to Legends of Chima another LEGO® theme set that also had an animated series and was produced into a series of sets of vehicles and structures.

Though unlike Chima, Nexo Knights is also an original concept if you mashed medieval knights with technology that seemed an inspiration for the late 1980s animated series known as Visionaries. The characters featuring animal totems on their chest might be of the inspiration for LEGO® to produce this series.

Mighty Motor Horse

Some polybags are given away as promotion or proof of purchasing to acquire this set. But in some parts of Australia this became available along with four other polybags from LEGO® City, Friends, and Ninjago that was sold in selected Woolworth’s groceries that is rarely noticed.

The Nexo Knights Motor Horse consist of 47 parts that includes one Royal Guard from Knighton, which primarily consist of all shades of blue that makes up this polybag that is simply a quick build that reminisce the Impulse Box sets from the mid-2000s that that is feature across all the thermes LEGO® has produced.

Knightly Steed

This Royal Guard is based from the first version as there have been two other iterations with different armor and helmets. Being King Halbert’s bodyguard this Royal Guard is armed with a lance and stud shooter with two facial expressions.

The Motor Horse is made up of LEGO® pieces of blue accents and neon orange doesn’t seem to look like horsing around with the way its designed more of a four wheel machine that had a horse concept appearance.

Overall the Motor Horse is just a quick build that has an interesting minifigre from Nexo Knights that is one of the random characters that gets army build not having an individual identity. Its unfortunate that LEGO® will discontinue this series, which reminds you the Castle and Knights heritage for this toy brand is still around. Who knows LEGO® might bring this back in some other form.

“Motor Horse” from LEGO® Nexo Knights set number 30377 is one of the five LEGO® polybags, which was originally released in 2017 acquired at Woolworths in Westfield Marion for $4.99 AU Dollars.

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