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Monday, May 28, 2018

Building Block | Base Plate

05.28.2018 – LEGO® the pioneering brand has produced different kinds of base plate in all shapes and sizes that required a particular set. But lately the recent sets don’t depend much on the base plate and it’s also sort of an excuse for cost cutting.

The most common base plate nowadays are sold with the standard 32 x 32 in dimension as part of the LEGO® Classic which is in green and recently re-released blue plate for all the fun creative ideas for kids out there. But since there are no smaller size plate Target came up with this one.

Target in Australia produced a generic base plate under the Building Block brand that is compatible with LEGO® brick system. These are affordable ones as they are China-made, but it’s not considered a fake or a knock-off though it is considered a supplement to the LEGO® base plate that goes for $10.00 AUD.

They are considered an affordable alternative to some discontinued base plates produced by LEGO® as they are now expensive. This Target produced five colors of this base plate that matches the LEGO® colored bricks. They come in standard Blue, Green, Red, Yellow and Gray that you can find next to the LEGO® shelf.

Though they are not official product they’re compatible to LEGO® and other construction toy brands. The only thing that is not good with these plates is that they are not flat when you lay them down on a smooth surface.

But overall they are an alternative for those who are not into the bigger base plate that LEGO® is currently selling under the Classic theme. A casual AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO®) who doesn’t much would pick this up as an alternative. It’s certainly a product alternative that can be use for someone into minimal MOC (My Own Creation) build and it will work well with this dimension.

“Base Plate” with dimension 16 x 16 cm is a third party product under the Building Block brand, which is produced in five colors and exclusively available only at Target in Australia for $2.00 AUD or PHP 80.00 Philippine pesos.

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