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Friday, May 11, 2018

LEGO® Classic 10403 | World Fun

05.11.2018 – The LEGO® brick is sixty years old and what a way to celebrate it is the release of the Classic sets with the anniversary. There are five sets that were produced just for this year that includes a special anniversary tile. But what makes it more special is the way the sets are produced.

Each of this set features a certain theme of its own and some of the interesting builds. This year they also included some minifigures to the set that is exclusive for the theme and you’ll be having fun creating new adventures like the 10403 World Fun!

LEGO® introduced the 10403 World Fun set which is a medium kit that follows the 10402 Fun Future set, which features more colorful bricks and elements. The main build that appears in the box is the neon green frog that captured a fly for lunch.

This anniversary them set includes two exclusive minifigurers and more builds that you can follow from the manual. But unlike the other thematic sets produce by LEGO® this one let’s you expand your creativity. This also let you create your won builds with the available pieces that is included in this set

Adventure from Land, Sea and Air

LEGO® 10403 World Fun let’s you travel and explore new adventures from finding out the ruins of Atlantis to capturing memories of your neon green camera this certainly gets you going with the main frog build, a red helicopter and a sea horse just to name a few to put together from the manual.

Every character build represent an adventure that let your imaginations run wild with its colorful bricks and elements. This set is not only an upgrade from the previous set that came before its theme is about exploring beyond the builds unlike the Fun Future set, which is all about optimistic ideas for the future this one is about adventure

Bonus Builds and Accessories

The set is fun to build though in front of the box it shows what you build in the manual that came with. It does not include the Atlantis ruin or the Strawberry Milkshake, which some were not thrilled that you need to download the PDF file from the LEGO® website.

World Fun and the next two sets namely 10405 Oceans Bottom and 10406 Mars Mission have some instructions to put together the builds still needed to be downloaded from the website. For some its okay to download the instruction, but for some are impatient or have the time to get them.

Since this is the medium size set the World Fun have interesting accessories for the minifigures, which includes a neon green camera as one of those interesting pieces aside from the pair of flippers and different type of helmets for the male minifigure.

A World of Creativity

LEGO® 10403 World Fun has 295 pieces including the minifigures that are colorful like its theme about adventures and exploration that certainly is a fun kit on its own that let’s you build interesting builds.

Overall what make this set interesting is the accessories for the minifigures and the selected builds like the Atlantis ruin. Its not a perfect set as for some would be inconvenient to download the instructions for the “bonus” build that also include the Strawberry Milkshake entirely it doesn’t take away the fun in making these builds. It's now available in retail and this was acquired at Big W for $18.00 AUD.

Special acknowledgements to Betchie Betchay aka @MsBee_Bricks on Instagram where you can check out her LEGO® collection featured as daily 365 challenge for 2018.

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