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Sunday, August 12, 2012

LEGO® Recycling Trucks Then & Now Educating Young Builders.

08.12.2012 – Due to the recent “Habagat 2012” tragedy that lasted more than a week of continuous rains that resulted to high floods in selected areas of Central Luzon. Some of our fellow countrymen have lost their homes, livelihood and even life.

There are constant factors involved why there are floods which revealed also our own garbage and the lack of discipline in some of the people which taught us a lesson in disposing our trash properly.

This brings us to talk about a little recycling and the LEGO® set which was not the first to promote this but has been consistent with the times to be aware about our environment.

We’re here to feature the LEGO® Recycling Trucks which has 35 pieces and been introduced in the late 1980s with that particular logo. This vintage LEGO® System we have is from 1997 series which features the set 6564.

Over the years LEGO® has released several iterations of the Recycling Truck and each release not only varies in appearance but in color as well.

We go back and share you two versions that was released 10 years apart somewhat the evolution of the Recycling Truck from then and the one that was released five years ago (Set 7991). Currently there’s a new Recycling Truck (Set 4206) that was released early this year not to be confused with the latest Garbage Truck (Set 4432) that has the “recycle logo” but that’s another story to tell.

Going back to the two versions from the old LEGO® System and the one from 2007 seemed so far apart. But during those days when it was released nobody cared about accuracy and detail what matters most is the fun in re-building the set out of your imagination. Even the mini-figure from 1997 has gone through changes though we don’t have the driver from 2007 to compare with. It’s enough to see the evolution of LEGO®’s vehicles that would match its scale with the mini figure that came with the set.

Of course the newer version is much more attractive in bright orange to give you the idea that this truck is not your conventional garbage collector. Retaining its logo over the years this Recycling truck is tailor made to take out your trash not to the dump site but to the recycling plant.

Both sets have sentimental stories to tell and side by side with the recent model that was release in 2007 seemed like celebrating the Recycling Truck’s iteration was just right for this feature.

In the Philippines rarely we’ll ever see an actual Recycling Truck sporting that familiar logo but LEGO® definitely will remind us to take out our garbage properly with these sets that kids would love to build and get educated to take care of our environment.

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  1. Hi! Sorry for posting this here. I don't know where else to message you but would you know if there is anyone who can do a Lego set up for a wedding? My friend is getting married in December and she wants to have a Lego inspired styling during the reception. We saw one done by Jig Manoloto in SM MoA.Any information will help a lot. Thanks!