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Saturday, September 1, 2012

LEGO® Promotion 2012 at Shell Hongkong & Singapore!

09.01.2012 – This is a rare event that Shell Services, Ferrari, and LEGO® team up for a rare promotion which is only available in selected region such as Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore.

The nearby 7 Eleven and Shell station in Singapore carried the promotional sets.

These are no ordinary sets that are not available on retail and they are promotional items at Shell.

This is where you collect all 6 latest LEGO® Ferrari Racers polybag sets. The promotion has already started last month in Singapore and they are already selling the first set in the 250 GT Berlinetta which started on August 9 to September 27, 2012.

If you happen to be based in Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore you’re in luck to grab this set as it’s only available in this region. Though there’s a catch for you to acquire these promotional items and the only way you can get them is you need to fill up $50 SG dollars of petrol to purchase this for $5.95 SG dollars.

Since we are temporary based in Singapore for another event these are the conditions you need to do to acquire the polybag sets.

The promotion was to celebrate Shell and Ferrari’s technical partnership that spans for over 60 years. Both companies collaborate together in pushing boundaries in developing better performing fuels and lubricants for the road and the racing track.

Shell also has a long heritage and partnership with the LEGO Group where the first branded set was a tanker lorry from 1970 which was 40 years ago.

The sets get released every two weeks at your nearest petrol station which is exclusive from Shell.

In Hong Kong details are the same with Macau which the promotion is almost the same and it varies from how it’s being marketed in Singapore.

You need to fill up $400 HK dollars of Shell V-Power and you can buy a model for $20 HK dollars. The second option is up $400 HK dollars of Shell Fuel Save gasoline or Diesel and you can buy a model for $35 HK dollars.

There’s two ways to acquire the free limited edition 30196 Ferrari mini figures set. When you complete all six sets submit each LEGO® set packaging to the attendant at the station or you also have to purchase Shell Helix Ultra lube change service or 2 bottles of Shell Rimula R6 LM.

Unfortunately we never got a chance to purchase one because of the strict policy that you need at least to fill $50 SG Dollars’ worth of petrol to be able to get one set.

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