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Sunday, March 10, 2013

KRE-O® Micro Changers: Hook!

03.10.2013 – Hook is a member of the Constructicons a major component when combined to form Devastator, but of course in Kreon form he’s not part of the team and if you have seen the Micro Changer combiners you’ll understand.

For now the solo adventures of Hook in putting together structures like Kreonsler building will suffice. At the same time take a closer look at one of the first few Kreons to come out in the Micro Changer Series 1 packs and this is Hook’s story!

Hasbro’s Kre-O line is expanding but mostly it started with TransFormers, and with that they have been busy putting out their best sets. So far the reception is not as big as the one with the competing brand, but enough to make TransFans appreciate the brand in block form.

The preview blind packs released featured six characters, but now Hasbro has commissioned Korean toymaker OxFord Toys to churn our more characters in the first official series that have 16 for you to collect.

Hook is one of those micro figures that’s included in the first series with a brand-new "blockhead" piece that resembles a flatnosed truck grill and windshield on top. His facial expression shows that he’s been left out from the membership as part of the Constructicons that also forms Devastators.

But no worries for the little guy he can have his own adventures without the expense of the other world building combiner. In Micro Changer true form Hook is rebuilt into what appears to be a crane truck, or as near as you can get with a Kreon.

In his micro figure form Hook wears a neon green vest but underneath is an accurate representation of what his chest design based from the Generation One Hook. The bind-packed Hook is made of 16 pieces including the additional parts how he could be rebuilt as a crane truck.

“Hook” appears to be unhappy but don’t make that fool you he can still build anything without the need to be a part of an exclusive club. Because he’s Hook and being a Kreon building things comes naturally who is a Constructicon.

Micro Changers Series 1: Hook was acquired at the Universal Studios in Singapore for $7.90 SG Dollars with Bag number: 22851 48 released in 2012 produced by OxFord Toys under licensed from Hasbro.

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