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Sunday, March 16, 2014

CMS 12: The LEGO® Movie Wiley Fusebot!

03.16.2014 – The LEGO® Movie had several major and minor characters popping in and out of the film that it’s challenging to keep up on who’s who.

When LEGO® introduced the next wave of Collectible Minifigure Series most of the characters in the line up are a complete unknown. Now that the film is already grossing billions and a sequel has been announced that it’s currently being written.

For the casual viewer some of these characters had minor screen time and of them is Wiley Fusebot a robot in the Wild West.

Wiley Fusebot is one of Lord Business’ robot henchmen in the Old West dressed as a scruffy gold prospector. As one of the gang metal spies under the command of Sheriff Not-A-Robot, Wiley is explosive like the bundle of dynamite that he carries with him. Wiley is rusty, broken down, and almost totally unhinged robot that has a short fuse. He appeared in the scene where Emmet and Wyldstyle tried to find Vitruvius.

The minifigure is part of the CMS 12 that has Hard Hat Emmet and Wild West Wyldstlye along with 13 other characters in this wave from The LEGO® Movie. What makes Wiley Fusebot unique among the robots that inhabited the Wild West is that his appearance as gold prospector complete with the hat. He’s armed with a revolver and sticks of dynamite.

Wiley’s body print is not just one-sided it also includes his back that makes it even more interesting unlike the other robots. What makes this minifigure stand out is the level of detail on his hat and for those who have been collecting LEGO® western themed sets could add this as an interesting character to interact with the previous and recent series. You could immediately see the difference from the packaging if it’s sold in the US and Canada that has included warning labels.

But entirely the minifigures released are all the same except for the variation of the packaging that makes it appear to be different.

Overall Wiley Fusebot is a minifigure of its own unique character that makes it an interesting individual as part of the CMS 12 line. There are others that definitely had more screen time and speaking lines in the movie. But it’s those minor characters like Wiley Fusebot that makes The LEGO® Movie interesting to watch again.

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