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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How To Get The LEGO® Movie Benny!

04.02.2014 – How can you not pass up liking the 1980s spaceman named Benny? He’s as interesting as any minifigure to be introduced in the blockbuster 3D animated feature film The LEGO Movie. Emmet may be the favorite being the main protagonist but Benny can build spaceships.

The popular master builder is not available in the Collectible Minifigure Series, and the only way you can acquire him is through MetalBeard’s ship the Sea Cow.

But he will also be released soon in his own set that featured a variation of Uni-Kitty.

A few weeks back in the late month of March a fellow Brickster offered to sell a Benny minifigure to Facebook-based groups where he’s part of. There has been news that there’s Philippine-based group selling that same figure more than the actual price point, which turns out that the source is the same person who is currently offering Benny.

But basically if you have access to you can acquire Benny through the pick-a-brick online section of the site. If you can’t afford the Seacow or the upcoming spaceship that features Benny this is the option where you can get him.

Of course not most Filipino-based fans that have seen the movie have the access to purchase Benny online and that’s where our fellow contact is selling them for PhP 320.00 pesos apiece.

But in case you are interested to get your own Benny the details below can give you an idea how:

It’s plain simple than rocket science that everyone is going crazy about Benny, and to find out that another party is selling it as an “exclusive.” But the blue spaceman is not you just have to inquire through the right individuals and you can send us a PRIVATE MESSAGE to pass it on to the source.

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