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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

KRE-O ® G.I. Joe Series 3: Lady Jaye!

09.23.2014 – Kre-O continues to expand the brand with established properties under Hasbro other licensed rights from movies, videogames, and television series. Currently they have TransFormers, Dungeons & Dragons, Star Trek, and G.I. Joe.

The most popular interest for the Kre-O brand is the blind bags, which has been consistent with G.I. Joe. The third wave only included one female character in Lady Jaye based on her classic action figure!

G.I. Joe is entirely populated with male characters even in the original 1963 figures there was no female members. But this changed when Hasbro scaled down the G.I. Joe line dubbed “A Real American Hero” and introduced female characters.

The original thirteen introduced Scarlett who would eventually turned out to be Duke’s love interest, but in the comic it was actually Snake Eyes. Then of course in the Cobra side you have the Baroness who revealed to be Destro’s wife. And then you have Lady Jaye who both in cartoon and the comic books written by Lary Hama is paired with Flint.

The Lady of Many Skills

In the G.I. Joe Retaliation film she was portrayed by Adriana Palicki (she’s currently portraying an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D’s Barbara ‘Bobbie’ Morse aka ‘Mocking Bird’ in the hits TV series). Her appearance of course varies in TV, Movie, and Comic Book even in the toys. The vintage figure produced by Hasbro introduced Lady Jay in her green jumpsuit wearing a dark blue cap, which contradicts her appearance in the Sunbow/Marvel series.

The cartoon version looks more sexified and quite athletic as she is armed with specified javelins, while the action figure looks more subdued having a backpack, a single javelin-type rifle and surveillance camera. The vintage figure was released in 1985 in the fourth series and her TV counterpart was produced in 2008.

In the original cartoon she is also a master of disguise, and in the action figure her job description is that she’s a Covert Operations specialist. As described in her file card she is an accomplished actress and fluent in several languages. But did not deliberately say she’s a master of disguise, but you get the idea regarding her skill set.

Kreon Covert Operative

The Kre-O version is the block form of the classic Lady Jaye action figure released in 1985, but her Javelin is a JAVELIN and this time she’s armed with a pistol. Just like the classic figure she also has a brown backpack.

Her blue cap has a print and all the details of the classic figure have been translated in block form. Unfortunately Lady Jaye has no alternate wig that’s based from the cartoon version and that would be an alternative if you don’t prefer the original figure.

Lady Jaye is part of the third wave of Kre-O blind bags that also include Low-Light and the only female micro figure that’s included, while Scarlett and Jinx can be acquired through the first wave. The Baroness can be acquired in the Arashikage Dojo set. There’s no news if Cover Girl would have her block form or even Zartan’s younger sister Zarana. But surely if Kre-O is reading this let’s hope they produce more female characters for G.I. Joe.

Jaye’s a Rare Lady

Alison R. Hart-Burnett is one fine Lady Jaye in this male populated Kre-O G.I. Joe themed sets and blind bags. She may not have her iconic cartoon appearance, but surely appreciate taking nostalgic cues from her classic action figure.

Definitely Hasbro needs to step up and incorporate more female characters from their G.I. Joe franchise because their fans are no longer just young boys, but little girls too including adults who have grown up watching the cartoons, reading the comic books and seeing the live action films.

Lady Jaye” is part of the third wave of Kre-O G.I. Joe blind bags that’s celebrating 50 years of the brand. Unfortunately this is not sold on Philippine retail and was acquired in the US.

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