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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

TRU In-Store LEGO® Build: Micro Ghost!

10.08.2014 – If you went to Toys R’ Us in-store event yesterday and missed the opportunity to build the Ghost from the Star Wars Rebels animated series, which was aired in Asia last week then you might be in luck to build one for yourself.

US residence where fortunate enough to get a chance to build the elusive Ghost, but for those who missed out and only got the instructions manual it’s not bad at all.

Despite that there’s a chance to build them as long as you got the manual and the parts. It has been teased previously that TRU in the US that they will promote the premier of Star Wars Rebels with a micro version of the Ghost.

This is not the one that was given away during this year’s San Diego Comic Con or the exclusive from Canada’s Fan Expo, which included aa Kanan Jarrus minifigure similar to the micro ship sets based from the first two trilogies.

The Ghost in micro size is smaller and it was first announced a few weeks ago at the TRU website, which will celebrate Bricktober this Saturday October 18, 2014. But for those who missed the event and never got the instructions Charlie of SandLUG has scanned and you can download the hi-res PDF file HERE for those anxious to build the little ship.

You can also copy the image below as provided to also get the parts you need to put together the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels (Click the image to enlarge):

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[ Source: The Brick Fan ]

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