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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

KRE-O ® G.I. Joe Series 3: Torch!

10.01.2014 – When you talk about Kre-O and the G.I. Joe brand the line will have “good versus evil” concept. Of course you’ve known a lot of Joes out there but what about the hierarchy of the Cobra legion?

Cobra is a large terrorist organization and it has its own sub group that sometimes mistaken to be anti-heroes when they are actually not. The Dreadnoks is that sub group of punks, thieves, and psychos led by Zartan and one of his lackeys is Torch!

Torch aka Tom Winken is one of the original members of Dreadnoks who appeared in the first season in the episode “The Revenge of Cobra” produced by Sunbow/Marvel along with Buzzer and Ripper. This Australian certainly is one nasty Dreadnok with a personality and expert with welding torch.

He has this Aussie accent voiced by Frank Welker (better known as Megatron) and it interesting how he was portrayed in the cartoon. The action figure produced by Hasbro was included in the fifth series released in 1985 that have his signature accessory namely the Acetylene Torch connected to the BP-47 tanks.

Torching the Kreons

The block form of Torch is as intimidating as his classic action figure. This version also armed with his signature flamethrower and it has more details than the original action figure. The hose connected to the back is made of three pieces, while the acetylene flamethrower also has the ‘flame effect’ to show that he’s one helluva formidable bloke.

In Micro Figure form Torch is bad ass as the character himself having printed his signature red headband and wearing his shades. The hairpiece looks good that this is definitely Torch, a member of the Dreadnoks is one Cold Slither to the bone.

Dreadnok Wannabe

Torch is included in the third wave of Kre-O G.I. Joe blind packs that also includes Low-Light and Lady Jaye, The other Dreanoks like Ripper is included in the second wave, while Buzzer is never produced and a few decided to make a custom of this character to complete the gang along with Zartan from fourth series.

Torch” is part of the wave 3 characters included in the blind bag for Kre-O produced by Hasbro and OxFord Toys. This was acquired in the US on retail that’s been sold out and the current fourth wave has been released recently.

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