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Friday, September 25, 2015

KRE-O ® G.I. Joe Series 2: Ripper!

09.25.2015 – When you talk about the Dreadnocks the first thing that comes up in your mind is a band of misfits led by Zartan, a master in disguise. Zartan can change his skin color when exposed to sunlight, but never was about band of misfits.

The toys of course have all the Dreadnok members, but in KRE-O only a handful was produced and one of them is popular due to his whiny voice. He’s name is Ripper a Dreadnok who has specialty in ripping out on everything metal and more about him…

You’d think that when you talk about the Dreadnoks they are also part of the Cobra Legion. But in the early days they where mostly the outsider a paid group of hired mercenaries that will only work for the price of cold hard greenbacks.

Actually they are part of the Cobra Legion its just that they appear out of place due to how they look, but these cold slithering misfits and psychos are true to their loyalty. It’s just that the question only has to do with what drives them mainly of money. But they function like any Cobra member but the Dreadnoks are a crew of different sort and each member has their own specialty just like how Ripper operates.

Tasmanian Ripper

Ripper also known as Harry Nod is from Grim Cape, Tasmia as appear in his bio card when the original action figure was released as part o the fourth series for G.I. Joe in 1985 that have a unique kind of accessories. In the cartoon he appeared along with Buzzer and Torch in the TV movie ‘Revenge of Cobra’ along with their leader Zartan who acquired a part of Destro’s Weather Dominator that they plan to sell to the highest bidder G.I. Joe or Cobra.

The character has other variation of his story in comic books from the original Marvel published issues to Devils Due and currently IDW Publication. Ripper’s specialty is more about cutting and ripping things open using a ‘Jaws of Life’ type tool powered by an engine on his backpack connected to that particular device.

Rippin’ Kreon

In block form Ripper has the same appearance as his classic action figure, but with a little radical change in his accessory that might appear more grotesque in how a ‘Jaws of Life’ type tool would be bigger than the minifigure himself.

The close up on the minifigure has got some nifty looks paying tribute ot the original character that appeared on television, comic books and the original action figure. His Mohawk is one signature look that KRE-O even produced a hairpiece for it that looks impressive and it literally stood out at first glance you’ll know its Ripper.

Grape Juice Drinker

For those who don’t read the comic books one element that’s interesting about Ripper is that he’s into Grape Juice hence KRE-O also include a can for the minifigure to indulge, which also takes inspiration from the business he started with the Crimson Twins in the Devils Due published books.

Certainly one Dreadnok you should not miss out if you plan to have the crew together and all you need now is Zartan. To those wonder about Buzzer who was not produced by KRE-O when they last produced the fifth wave of blind bags.

He’s not even included in sets and has not been mentioned being an exclusive. But definitely Hasbro might have plans in the future for now a cold can of grape juice will keep Ripper happy.

Ripper” is part of the wave 2 characters included in the blind bag for Kre-O produced by Hasbro and OxFord Toys. This was acquired in the US which was already discontinued in retail after the fifth wave.

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