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Friday, September 4, 2015

KRE-O ® G.I. Joe Series 5: Lifeline!

09.04.2015 – Kre-O’s G.I. Joe line may not have any new sets, but most of the micro figures continue to make its way to US retail and as convention exclusives. Currently the blind bags are a hot commodity in the community due to its limited release.

The latest series so far is Wave 5 which features another 12 characters from the “A Real American Hero” line and a member from the classic 1970s Adventure Team. For now here’s a closer look at G.I. Joe Team’s resident field medic – Lifeline!

For those who have seen the classic G.I. Joe series the original field medic was Doc, but by the time the series expanded they added Lifeline to the team. The original figure was part of the fifth series in 1986.

Lifeline appeared in the original G.I. Joe animated series in the second season episode "Arise, Serpentor, Arise!: Part I". He is voiced by Stan Wojno Jr and in the comic books his first appearance was in “G.I. Joe: Special Missions #4” revealing further details of the character not fleshed out in the cartoon.

Lifeline in Kreon

The Kreon version of Lifeline takes inspiration from the classic action figure produced by Hasbro. Just like the action figure he carries the similar accessories like his silver pistol, white backpack, and rescue case.

Even though not in detail unlike the classic, and modern release of the action figure Lifeline certainly have all the signature appearance of the character. The color palette down to the accessories Hasbro and OxFord Toys manage to put this together by reusing some of the parts that made the other characters.

Variations from the Final Product

In Toyfair 2014 the first look at the fifth series, the blind bag photo, and its final product image you’ll immediately notice the difference with the current Lifeline and those that were on preview display. The first you’ll see is his recue case, which is actually white and you’ll see it at the back of the blind bag that was packaged with it.

The early images and preview at Toyfair 2014 will give you an idea the difference of the final product, which also seethe change of the colors of his pistol. This is for the reason why it came with white decals to match with the black rescue case instead of red. But no matter the final change on the figure Lifeline is now a Kreon.

When the Pieces Fit

Lifeline may lack some details he never had in the original figures, but you’ll definitely see this one spot on. Overall you got more pieces to put together like his backpack which not entirely a solid piece and the antenna double as his satellite phone that he can call for immediate evacuation from his mission.

This is one of the classic micro figures based from the G.I. Joe team everyone knew should you not pass up to include in your roster.

Lifeline” is part of the wave 5 characters included in the blind bag for Kre-O produced by Hasbro and OxFord Toys. This was acquired in the US on retail that’s been sold out due to the G.I. Joe toy line has not released any new figures exclusve only at Toys R' Us.

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