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Thursday, September 3, 2015

KRE-O ® Star Trek: Transporter Trouble!

09.03.2015 - When Kre-O announced that they will be producing Star Trek sets based on the sci-fi series fans has been looking forward to this since there has not been construction toy based on them not since Mega Bloks has only the USS Enterprise.

It’s been a while since someone takes this property and makes it look new again. This set in particularly inspired by “Star Trek Into Darkness”, but when you look closely its not based in any of the film’s narrative and you got “Transporter Trouble!

Hasbro and Oxford Toys bring the Star Trek universe in Kre-O form to help promote also the release of the recent Star Trek film “Into Darkness.”

As mentioned previously there was no other construction toy based on this property not since Mega Bloks has the iconic USS Enterprise (the Galaxy Class starship), which is based from “Star Trek: The Next Generation” TV series and only has one Micro Action Figure included namely Captain Jean-Luc Picard armed with a phaser.

But when Kre-O started to produce sets and blind bags of micro figures the Star Trek universe in block form has expanded mostly based from the film J.J. Abrams has directed and produced.

These sets where a stand out on its own having the “LightTech” gimmicks that no other Kre-O product has. It’s either the micro figure lights up or a particular piece has a built-in “LightTech” it made the sets interesting to build.

Trouble with Transporters

The “Transporter Trouble” set A3140 has 65 pieces divided in six bags that included two micro figures featuring Montgomery “Scotty” Scott and a random Klingon soldier based from the appearance in “Star Trek Into Darkness.”

For the transporter set it’s hard to think this set is not based in any of the scenes from “Star Trek Into Darkness.” But if you’ve been a long time Trekkie a few episodes and trivia that you know that this is sometimes a part of the narrative that make the show or the movie a part of the Trek lore.

Beam Me Up Scotty

A transporter is part of what makes Star Trek interesting and basically one of the essential devices they use to beam down on planet surface or some use for emergencies like beaming out casualty of a damaged ship that’s about to explode.

There are plenty of stories that featured this iconic device its what Captain James Tiberius Kirk’s well known phrases, but not exactly the same words mentioned by other Star Trek characters. It certainly made Scotty, the resident ship’s engineer as famous as the device itself.

This set actually includes Montgomery “Scotty” Scott based from the character portrayed by Simon Pegg as the Starfleet uniform is design can be seen here.

But it would be cool if the micro figure was based from the late James Doohan, the original actor who portrayed the miracle worker from the classic TV series up to his last movie appearance. It would be great too if it had a data pad instead of a phaser as an accessory, but since the set plays out a narrative of its own lets just leave Scotty armed with something right?

Besides Scotty this includes another micro figure a random Klingon soldier based from “Star Trek Into Darkness” armed with a Batleth instead of a blaster. This Klingon seemed to be surprised to see the famed Starfleet engineer due to the predicament that he has put himself into.

The details on the Klingon soldier down to its signature weapon are great, but unfortunately the helmet can’t be removed. Its part of the micro figure’s head, which definitely differs from Lt. Cmdr Worf from the Series 2 blind bag packs that features the character from the original Star Trek universe.

Overall the set is a fun build at first you’ll wonder what a transporter platform is doing on the surface of Klingon home world. But once you put it together you’ll get the idea why it’s called “Transporter Trouble.” Because the other side of the platform is the planet Kronus and why it has a revolving gimmick when you slide a lever just like the device’s control panel.

The decals instructions on how to apply them are slightly confusing, but make sure all the labels have been applied correctly to make sure the front and back panes would appear as two different worlds.

As impressive as its plot device the transporter is probably the last you’ll ever see being sold on clearance in the Philippines. Most of the sets are already sold out and only few stores may still carry this set now going for PhP 250.00 pesos ($5.35 US).

If you happen to see one don’t hesitate to pick it up as any Trekkie can never miss this one as one of the iconic plot devices that makes Star Trek known for that include a random Klingon and the miracle worker himself Scotty!

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