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Sunday, October 18, 2015

LEGO® x Shell 2014: Shell Station!

10.18.2015 – LEGO® has one of the simplest sets with the collaboration with Ferrari and Shell for the second time since 2012. There are six sets that are composed of four cars and two sets plus a special set added towards its promotion.

It’s interesting that there are the two sets that include a LEGO® minifigure. You’ve seen the Finish Line & Podium now take a closer look at the Shell Station, which features a mechanic LEGO® minifigure that’s packed with details!

For years Shell has collaborated with LEGO® even before these promotional tie-ups all the way back to the early 1970s when it introduced the first Shell Fuel Truck. Then this was followed with the Shell Service Station, its one of the first that would continue through the 1980s and 1990s.

During those years where LEGO® was struggling their new fuel station sets and trucks would eventually be supplemented by a fictional brand called “Octan”, which become part of the toy brand’s identity. But that’s another story to tell and Shell would collaborate again with LEGO® which takes you to 2012 with the first promotional sets and 2014’s releases that brings to this Shell Station.

The Fuel Station

It’s a mini-Shell Station which is scaled for the cars that was released along this set doe the 2014 Shell Promotion that where first release in Hong Kong and Macau followed by other countries that included the Philippines. This is the second set after the Finish Line and Podium set that also included a minifigure.

There are no information how many pieces is compose of this set, but when you put it together its packed with details that you’d ever wonder if this is a Shell Station. When you star to put this together you’ll never notice the little things that made this an interesting set to have along with the five cars. This includes a LEGO® minifigure that has a black wrench as its accessory.

Just like the Finish Line and Podium it also includes a sticker decal sheet for the sign boards and panels, which also includes the label for the minifigure’s uniform. The instructions manual is fairly simple and a kid ages 5 and up can put this together.

Racetrack Named Fiorano

The Shell Station is sort of like a makeshift garage since it only has one pumping station and it appears to be for the racing circuit. You look at the sides you’ll find some interesting elements like a stoplight and the fuel node for cars that need to fuel up before heading for the race.

“Pista di Fiorano” is a real location which is where the Fiorano Circuit is located and it’s a private racetrack owned by Ferrari for development and testing purposes. The track is located in Fiorano Mondenese, near the Italian town of Maranello. It was built in 1972 and it evolved as one of the famous racetracks in Italy.

The said racetrack is a legend that a Ferrari car was named after it and now carries the name of a LEGO® Shell Station set that is only limited in this promotional release. What’s interesting is that founder Enzo Ferrari lives just near the track, where he watches his formula one cars being tested.

Overall the Shell Station is a surprise set with interesting elements you’ll hardly notice until you owned and built one. Its one of the two best sets that came out from the Shell Promotions from 2014 and you have to have it after getting all four cars.

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